10 Ways To Protect Your Mental Health While Social Distancing

After almost a month of social distancing, we are starting to feel the toll that the quarantine taking on our mental health. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forced us to slow down and be more isolated than usual, but there are some things we can do to combat the various feelings we have.

First, recognize that feeling overwhelmed is normal. You might be anxious, depressed, angry, or bored. All of these are common responses to isolation, and you may feel a variety of these within a short amount of time. To help cope with the quarantine, try some of these ideas:

Mindfulness Meditation

These exercises have been proved to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and lower stress levels.

  1. Popular APPs that will help you learn how to do these stress reduction exercises:


Keeping our bodies healthy is just as important as keeping our minds healthy. Try a new routine to decrease depression and keep fit.

  • As the weather improves, walking outside can be very helpful.


Use the technological resources you can to keep up with family members and friends. We can keep each other from feeling isolated and improve our overall health.


Find out how you can help your local community:


If you can’t connect with others, keep a journal to get out your thoughts. Consider keeping a gratitude journal to keep yourself focused on what matters.

Go Outside

Get some vitamin D and fresh air after being indoors for a while. Doing this may also decrease depression and anxiety and give you a chance to take a break from the pandemic reminders.


Start a new hobby or try creating something new. This can be anything from an art or writing project to a homemade meal. Boost your immunity and self-esteem by engaging in what you think is worthwhile.

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Please take care of yourself and your loved ones at the time.

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