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The Intentional Clinician Podcast featured in Wired Magazine

Dec 03, 2021
Paul Krauss MA LPC’s podcast click here.  

How Counseling Can Help After You Have Been Emotionally Abused?

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being emotionally controlled by another person? Do you find your partner to be overly critical of you? Do…

Paul Krauss MA LPC featured in Washington Post Article about grieving the living (dealing with estrangement)

Nov 29, 2021
Paul Krauss MA LPC (Clinical Director of Health for Life Counseling in Grand Rapids, MI) was recently featured in an article published in the

Yoga just feels good. How Yoga can benefit your mental and physical health w/ special guests AM YOGA (Grand Rapids, MI)

Nov 23, 2021
[Episode 74 of the Intentional Clinician Podcast] This is a conversation that should not be missed. Ashley Yost and Mali Jane (the owners of AM…

Learning about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Since the 1980s, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy has been successfully helping clients deal with various mental health conditions. It’s a relatively new type of psychotherapy…

The Terracentric and Geocosmological: The Ecological Psyche and Types of Relationship to Nature

Nov 19, 2021

Whole Person Treatment of Mental Illness with Dr. Margaret S. Chisolm MD, FAMEE, FACP, FAAP

Nov 15, 2021
[Episode 73 of the Intentional Clinician Podcast] This is an interview that you should not miss. Dr. Margaret Chisolm, MD, discusses her new book "From…

5 Ecotherapeutic Practices You Can Do on Your Own or with an Ecotherapist

Nov 12, 2021

What is Psychotherapy and How Does it Help?

Nov 11, 2021
“The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free.” - Rollo May, an American existential psychologist. Do you feel that you can’t deal with your…

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