A Timeless Guide for Our Time: A New Translation of The Bhagavad Gita with Isaac Bentwich M.D.

[Episode 51 of the Intentional Clinician]

Paul Krauss MA LPC interviews Dr. Isaac Bentwich about his translation of The Bhagavad Gita. The Bhagavad Gita is an ancient Sanskrit scripture that is one of the most translated and printed writings in the world. Dr. Bentwich considers it a tradition for living as it describes the relationship between disciple and master, or us and our inner soul. This is a timeless story which Dr. Bentwich has titled: “Gita – A Timeless Guide For Our Time.”

The Gita is a practical guide for inner development. It is comprised of 18 chapters and has 3 sections: action, devotion/mysticism/intuition, and wisdom. Dr. Bentwich refers to is as “the art of living life wisely.” Historically, this text has been misunderstood by many; however, Dr. Bentwich discusses his interpretation of the scripture and how we can find meaning in life from the principles in the Gita. Considered “the manual of the mind,” the Gita helps us move beyond intellect and focus on living fully with ourselves and others. The wisdom of the Gita can also help us choose what to meditate on.

Dr. Bentwich’s English translation has the same meter and rhyme as the original script. This helps readers go beyond intellect, moving toward intuition. The script is also geared towards both men and women. In the past, this text was written in the male format, but Dr. Bentwich has made this accessible for all.

Contemporary psychology makes the ego a main priority, but the Gita tones down the ego. It suggests a more altruistic path, focusing on unity rather than individualism. The Gita still prompts us to answer, “Who am I?” yet it is within a holistic context. Dr. Bentwich reads part of the Gita as an example of some of these principles, and he even relates the text to the current COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustices, and nonviolence.

Isaac Bentwich M.D. is a longtime practitioner and teacher of Yoga and Meditation. Trained as a physician and a scientist, he has founded three life-science technology companies, leading revolutions in medicine, genomics, and environment conservation. The vision and innovations that underlay these companies, came through periods of silent meditation retreats, at the foothills of the Himalayas and elsewhere. His path is one of reverence to the Wisdom teachings that shine through different traditions and religions. The study and practice of Gita’s Wisdom teachings has profoundly touched his life, and he is passionate sharing this with others. His work on this translation of the Gita has spanned twelve years.


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