An Interview with Dr. Dave of Shrink Rap Radio

Paul Krauss MA LPC interviews Psychologist Dr. Dave of Shrink Rap Radio (an interview)

[Episode 30 of the Intentional Clinician Podcast]

On Episode #30 of The Intentional Clinician podcast, Paul Krauss interviews psychologist David Van Nuys, Ph.D. of Shrink Rap Radio. “Dr. Dave” is a very well-known psychologist, and his podcasting work has been well received by the general public, clinicians, and even the American Psychological Association. His podcast has informed many psychologists today, including Paul, and continues to provide education to a variety of people.

Shrink Rap Radio has been inspiring people since 2005 when Dr. Dave started the show. He started podcasting because of his curiosity and his drive to want to do something different. He found that podcasts could reach a variety of people in an accessible format. His podcast grew more and more, and he started interviewing friends in the field of psychology who he thought had interesting techniques in their practice. After interviewing almost every psychologist that he knew, he reached out to more psychologists. Many people have been on his podcast, and he intends for many more to be on it as well. Paul and Dr. Dave talked about how podcasts are a great way for people all over the world to hear thoughts, practices and current research in the field of psychology.

Another topic that Paul and Dr. Dave talked about was Dr. Dave’s studies in focus groups, experiential learning (teaching his class as an experience), and encounter groups (group therapy experience). These three main things have guided Dr. Dave in his practice throughout his life. He found that young minds engaged more when they were in an experience rather than just reading a book. In his own practice, he valued the work that was being done in groups. He found that people were more willing to speak on an issue when in a group setting, rather than just one-on-one.

One thing to note about Shrink Rap Radio is that it isn’t heading in the same direction that some psychologist’s podcasts do. Dr. Dave mentions in the interview that he doesn’t want to lose contact with the academic side of psychology. He finds the podcast fun to be a part of, but he also wants people to learn at the same time. As the podcast grew, Dr. Dave was hesitant to record video along with his podcast. He observed that most people are doing other things while listening to a podcast; however, once he switched over to doing both videos and audio for his podcast, he found that his listener and viewership had gone up. He then decided to offer some things on just audio and some things just on video, that way people could always get what they wanted, without anything extra added on. He also incorporated old school media like reading news articles, emails, and music ideas. He embraced every age group that may have been listening to or watching his podcast.

Dr. Dave and Paul talked about how the Shrink Rap Radio podcast is about finding new and inventive ways to practice and help people. Listeners can take bits and pieces from things that they hear to make it unique to their life or practice. Dr. Dave mentions that taking everything in by listening, letting it nourish you, and trusting it will help you grow is how to remain curious, a main point in this interview. Curiosity is about trying new things (like how Dr. Dave started podcasting) and letting it take you on a journey. Sometimes it doesn’t always work out, but it will teach lessons on the way.

Shrink Rap Radio is so popular now that Dr. Dave hears from people almost daily who want to be on the show. He also hears from listeners through emails, some of which he addresses in his podcast. Running the podcast is challenging at times, but Dr. Dave’s curiosity is what keeps him going despite the hard work. He knows how it has benefitted so many listeners and hopes it will continue to inspire.

Head over to his website here to get more information on Shrink Rap Radio. Dr. Dave lists several episodes of the podcasts under different topics for easy searching. The best of shrink rap radio

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