Anger! The what, how, where, and why of it

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The Intentional Clinician #5: Anger! The what, how, where, and why of it with Mike Speakman.

Paul Krauss MA LPC interviews Mike Speakman–part two of the conversation from episode #4.

In part 2 of my conversation with Mike Speakman, we discuss ANGER! Seriously, we discuss everything anger: what it is, where it comes from, the positives and negatives of it, the destruction and devastation it can cause, and how you can actually utilize it for your benefit. We discuss how anger can affect everything in your life, including your relationships, why anger is a vital emotion, and why it often viewed as negative in United States. We hope you enjoy this interview with Mike Speakman LISAC, founder of the PAL support group (parents of addicted loved ones).

If you want to know more Mike’s book about anger:  “The Health Expressions of Anger” click here.

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