Host an “Ask a Counselor” Event GR

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Host an “Ask a Counselor” Event GR

Grand Rapids, MI – Do you need a public speaker to talk on the subject of mental health? Paul Krauss MA LPC is proposing a  forum, where he would make a series of presentations about mental health awareness, followed by a question and answer session.

“Some of the topics I am equipped to talk about are: Parenting children in the digital age, How to connect with your child (teen or young adult), recognizing the signs of depression and anxiety, what is PTSD and trauma and what do we do about it, what do you do if you child or someone you know is using drugs and alcohol, suicide prevention, career exploration for high school and college age, parenting and behavioral issues, young adults and the transition to adulthood, finding a fulfilling romantic relationship, and more. I can pretty much prepare a topic that may be of interest to the community related to mental health and do a single event or a series. I am open to many ideas. In these talks, my aim would be to educate the public and then secondly to answer questions from them. In that, I would not be giving clinical advice–I would have a disclaimer posted. I would be referring them to local resources or the national suicide hotline or community organizations if they came with a serious problem. I am well equipped at triaging potential issues.”- Paul Krauss MA LPC

If you are part of an organization, business, school, religious organization, city, library, or anything really–I will volunteer to do a talk about mental health followed by “Grand Rapids Ask a Counselor” email me here: [email protected]

I have been a counselor in both Chicago and Phoenix. I am now in Grand Rapids permanently and have opened up a private practice. Details: or here. 

(**Note- this is not a substitute for treatment or professional help. This is for educational purposes only. If you believe you need help- seek a professional immediately. If this is an emergency call 911 immediately. If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal- call 1-800-273-8255 (national suicide prevention hotline immediately).

Want to contact Paul Krauss via phone- call 616-200-4433 today!

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