Balancing the darkness with the light with Dr. Karthik Ramanan

[Episode 43 of The Intentional Clinician]

Paul Krauss MA LPC and Dr. Karthik Ramanan discuss the importance of maintaining mental health during the current quarantine situation due to COVID-19. Depression and anxiety have been common responses to the pandemic, and many people have a grief response to the situation. Paul and Dr. Ramanan remind listeners that mental health care workers are accessible during this time, so it is important to check in with providers. Talking about grief and expressing it is important so that it does not come out in other areas of your life. This is why therapy is so valuable currently. Additional ideas include journaling, drawing, talking to yourself, or talking to friends and family. It is also important to focus on the present and what we can do rather than what we cannot control.

Another component of the pandemic is isolation. Even introverts need human interaction, so keeping up with others from a distance is crucial. Spending so much time at home or alone can change the way we think about life. We have been used to living life at a fast pace, but the pandemic is forcing us to slow down. Though the slowdown has benefits, it can feel uncomfortable when it involves adaptation.

Dr. Ramanan suggests looking at your past and uncovering the good from experiences you have had. Today, look at the good that can come from the pandemic. Similarly, Paul says that this is a good time to reevaluate our values. We can be the change that we would want to see in this situation.

Dr. Karthik Ramanan is a naturopathic medical doctor, inspirational speaker, and the host of the weekly online show, “The Dr. K Show.” Dr. K specializes in everyday mental health and lifestyle medicine, and he helps ambitious individuals end self-criticism. He teaches the principles of everyday mental health through the lens of his personal health and psychological transformation and his education and experience as a physician. He inspires achievement-oriented individuals to get out of their own way, take intentional action, and create their ideal version of themselves to lead a purpose-driven life.

Dr. Ramanan graduated from Cornell University with dual BS degrees in Applied Economics & Management as well as Biological Sciences. After his undergraduate studies, he worked for Goldman Sachs in New York for eight years where he served in the Futures and Listed Derivatives businesses, sharpening his client relationship and communication skills while developing a deep understanding of human behavior and the stresses many Americans face while working in corporate America. During his final years in the finance industry, he discovered the power of plant-based nutrition, lost 100 pounds, and found himself called to naturopathic medicine. He moved to Tempe, Arizona to attend Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona and graduated with his doctorate in 2017.

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