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Become a Therapist

Have you ever wanted to become a therapist, but when you search for jobs all you find are giant online companies wanting to sell your services for less? Or non-profits that want to guilt trip you into working 50+ hours  a week? Or perhaps you found a group or private practice where the compensation feels unfair and they expect you to pay extra for supervision? If you have ever felt this way, then please understand that so have we–and that is why we created Health for Life Counseling in Michigan.

You provide the therapy to clients–we do everything else for you!

A Counseling practice that truly invests in its therapists.

Health for Life Counseling provides multiple types of supervision, including: One-on-One, Group Supervision, EMDRIA Supervision, Peer Supervision, and more. We believe in a work/life balance for our therapists and allow them to create their own unique schedule that works for them. We understand that the economy is tough and student loans are real–that is why we pay better than any other group practice  in Michigan, with no tricks, fine print, or hoops to jump through. 

Learn. Grow.
Become a Master Therapist.

We all have stories from a past job, graduate school, or even an internship, where we didn’t feel supported or understood. Or perhaps we felt that a supervisor or boss was authoritarian or oblivious. At Health for Life Counseling, every one from the Clinical Director, the supervisors, to the administrative staff seek feedback and listen, so that we can all grow together. 

Get a Head Start on Your Dream Private Practice

Create a Private Practice That Is Specifically For You

At Health for Life Counseling, you’ll complete your supervised clinical experience and be on your way to establishing your very own successful private practice.


Enjoy a seamless transition into your own fully operating private practice at Health for Life Counseling as an independently licensed practitioner after completing your supervised clinical experience.

If you are wanting to work as a therapist in a counseling practice that truly invests in you and you are working toward (in graduate school), or possess the following licenses in the State of Michigan (LLPC, LPC, LLMSW, LMSW, LMFT, or LP), then simply complete the contact form below and let’s start a dialogue. 

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About Our
Clinical Director and Supervisors

After years of successful practice in Arizona and Illinois, Nicole Cain, ND MA and Paul Krauss MA LPC opened Health for Life Counseling in Michigan, near where Paul was born and raised. They have assembled a team of Therapists and Staff Members who are passionate about providing powerful, safe, and effective tools to residents of Michigan utilizing counseling, trauma-informed psychotherapy, EMDR therapy, online health courses, and more. 

About Us
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Partner with Health for Life Counseling

Health for Life Counseling began in Grand Rapids. We focus on quality over quantity. We prefer to keep our offices and caseloads small so that we can be sure that our therapists are providing the best counseling and therapy services possible. We hand select and take our time in cultivating leaders and supervisors. We believe that slow and steady is the approach needed when helping people with their mental health. If you would like to talk about becoming part of our extended network throughout Michigan, let’s talk. 

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