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Paul Krauss MA LPC featured on “I love being sober” podcast with Tim Westbrook

Sep 21, 2023
“I'm looking forward to talking about Intentional Recovery with Paul Krauss MA LPC. Paul is the main force behind Grand Rapids' Health for Life Counseling,…

What are adverse experiences and how do they affect your life?

Sep 20, 2023
We all face challenging moments in our lives. But did you know that these adverse experiences can significantly shape your mental and physical well-being? According…

Borges, Heisenberg, Kant, and the Ultimate Nature of Reality with Professor William Egginton

Sep 06, 2023
[Episode 117 of The Intentional Clinician Podcast] Professor William Egginton of John Hopkins University talks with Paul Krauss MA LPC about his latest book "

Debunking 5 Common Misconceptions About EMDR Therapy

Aug 21, 2023
If you've ever heard of EMDR Therapy, you might also have come across a few misconceptions about this innovative form of therapy. As EMDR Therapy…

Personal Growth Space Available Immediately and Navigating Changes in Life with Eli Bedrosian LPC

[Episode 116 of The Intentional Clinician Podcast] Personal Growth Space Available Immediately, Navigating Changes in Life, Good Mental Hygiene, and Guilt As Evidence of Progress…

Understanding the Stress-Diathesis Model of Mental Health

Aug 18, 2023
Have you ever wondered why some people develop mental health issues while others don't? The Stress-Diathesis Model might have some answers for explaining this tendency.…

Paul Krauss MA LPC interviewed by Groups Today Magazine about Travel Stress

Aug 17, 2023
Travel stress can affect anyone, at any moment, regardless of how many passport stamps they have. That doesn't mean tour operators couldn't have a role…

Examining the Deepest Human Desires: Love, Understanding, Power, Connection, Attention, Freedom, Belonging, Forbidden Desires, etc. w/ Charlotte Fox Weber

Aug 03, 2023
[Episode 115 of The Intentional Clinician Podcast] Charlotte Fox Weber, author and psychotherapist, speaks with Paul Krauss MA LPC on human desire and the intersection…

The Power of Confirmation Bias in Shaping Our Worldview

Jul 31, 2023
Have you ever noticed that we often pay more attention to things that agree with our beliefs and ignore those that don't? That’s because our…

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