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Wisdom and Philosophy in Recovery from Addiction

Aug 30, 2017
The Intentional Clinician Podcast with Paul Krauss MA LPC

Using Mindfulness and Philosophy for Recovery

Aug 13, 2017
The Intentional Clinician #6: Mindfulness, Recovery, & Philosophy with Bryon Sabatino Pt. 1. [Episode 6] Paul Krauss MA LPC interviews Bryon Sabatino LPC LISAC--part one of…

Emotionally Supporting Your Child with Anxiety [1 of 6]

Jul 27, 2017
Are you a parent struggling to support your child with anxiety? Are you unsure of how to support them when they are overwhelmed? Are you…

Emotional Health

Jul 13, 2017
Emotional Health We make appointments for the dentist, the consultant, the hair salon and even to make sure our immunizations are up to date, but…

What is Health and Lifestyle Coaching? in Grand Rapids, MI

Jul 03, 2017
What is Health and Lifestyle Coaching? in Grand Rapids, MI So chances are if you find yourself here reading this, you’ve contemplated seeing a coach,…

You want me to love myself? I don’t even like myself!

Jun 29, 2017
You want me to love myself?  I don’t even like myself! The Benefits of Self Esteem Everyone always says you have to love yourself before…

Why Grief Counseling is important.

Grief isn’t something you can “Just Get Over Quickly." Why grief counseling is important. We’ve all heard someone say: “They should be over it by…

Overcoming Social Anxiety and Struggles

Are you a teen struggling with anxiety or social anxiety? Do social situations my your super anxious? If so, it is time to find a…

3 Tips for a Healthy Marriage

Jun 26, 2017
Here are 3 tips for a healthy marriage. It would be nice to avoid marriage counseling, but if you need marriage counseling in Grand Rapids, MI--the…

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