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Couples Relationship Skills Group at Health for Life Counseling Grand Rapids, MI

Jan 22, 2024
Many couples in Grand Rapids, MI are looking for a little tune-up in their communication so that they can feel loved and safe with one…

Why “Controlling Your Anger” Will Never Work: What you CAN actually do about it Part 2

Healthy ways to express anger In the

Why “Controlling Your Anger” Will Never Work: What you CAN actually do about it Part 1

Jan 18, 2024
Think back on all the messages you’ve been told about anger, all the little quips and remarks thrown your way when you were feeling angry.…

Is Religious Deconstruction Good for your Mental Health? w/ Dr. Ryan Lambros

Jan 16, 2024
[Episode 123 of The Intentional Clinician Podcast] Dr. Ryan Lambros and Paul Krauss MA LPC debate if religious deconstruction is beneficial to one's mental health.…

Self-Care Strategies for Parents of Special Needs Children

Jan 05, 2024
Parenting a child with special needs brings a unique blend of challenges and triumphs. It demands resilience, patience, and a deep sense of commitment, yet…

Healing the Traumatized Brain (Mood, Memory, Behavior Changes & More) w/ Dr.Vaishnavi, MD, PhD

Dec 22, 2023
[Episode 122 of The Intentional Clinician Podcast] Dr. Sandeep Vaishnavi, MD, PhD is interviewed by Paul Krauss MA LPC about his new book

Understanding Polyamorous Relationships and How Relationship Therapy Can Help

Dec 19, 2023
When we think of relationships, the traditional image of monogamy usually comes to mind. That’s because monogamy — the practice of having only one romantic…

A Guide to Supporting Jews and Muslims in your life during the Israel-Hamas Conflict

Nov 28, 2023
It is fairly safe to assume that, right now, your Jewish and Muslim friends are not feeling okay. This article will explain why as well…

Making Long-distance Relationships Work: How Counseling Can Help

Nov 24, 2023
These days, long-distance relationships are more common than ever. Thanks to the increased accessibility of technology worldwide, couples can now easily stay connected with each…

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