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Authenticity, Boundaries, Defensiveness, and Non-Violent Communication

Feb 24, 2022
Authenticity To be authentic, we must not assume we are correct about anything. If we do, we cannot fully be present with someone while they…

How the pandemic has shown us that we (as a society) need to work on our collective mental health

Feb 22, 2022
Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's nearly impossible to find a single person in the world whose everyday life wasn’t significantly affected by the pandemic. The COVID-19 outbreak…

Paul Krauss Quoted in Washington Post article about Valentine’s day

Feb 14, 2022
Paul Krauss MA LPC (Clinical Director of Health for Life Counseling) quoted in a Washington Post article about Valentine’s day. February 14, 2022: How to…

Discussing connections between Polyvagal Theory, the Evolution of Consciousness, Tribalism, Anxiety, Trauma, and more with Tom Beakbane

Feb 10, 2022
[Episode 80 of The Intentional Clinician Podcast] Paul Krauss MA LPC has a long conversation with Tom Beakbane (Author of How to Understand Everything: Consilience:…

4 Intentional Habits for Increased Personal Growth

Feb 03, 2022
Due to work, social media, bills, and unexpected crises, living intentionally can sometimes feel impossible. However, actioning certain habits can help to calm the storm,…

What is an LMSW Therapist?

Jan 31, 2022
The field of counseling and social work continues to develop at a fast pace and, as a result, the demand for therapists is getting higher.…

Learning about Counseling for Families and Children

Jan 27, 2022
Raising a family isn’t easy. Conflicts arise inside and outside of our control every day, from who forgot to load the dishwasher, to substance abuse,…

Learning about Family Counseling with Parents and Young Adults

Jan 24, 2022
Parenting young adults has never been easy. If you’re a parent of kids over 18, you probably understand how tough it is to understand when…

EMDRIA Members in the News features Paul Krauss MA LPC

Jan 20, 2022
Recently, Paul Krauss MA LPC was featured on the EMDRIA (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Intentional Association) blog about EMDRIA members in the news. EMDRIA…

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