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Free Counseling for Auto Accident Victims in Michigan

Oct 30, 2023
As a resident of Michigan, you might be unaware of one unique law that can make a big difference if you're ever in a car…

6 reasons you SHOULD look for a new counselor or therapist

Oct 18, 2023
Are you feeling stuck in your therapy sessions, as if you're speaking but not being heard? Have you been questioning whether it's time to find…

How Life Coaches & Manifest Coaches Differ from Therapists: What You Need To Know

May 22, 2023
These days, more and more people are turning to professionals for guidance and support to navigate life's challenges. Whether you're feeling stuck in your career,…

Can life be joyful again? Yes, after inner work through therapy

May 12, 2023
Are you struggling to find joy in your life? Life can be very tough. It’s especially true when unexpected events leave us feeling confused, uncertain,…

Why Health Insurance Companies Should Encourage Their Subscribers to Attend Counseling

May 04, 2023
Mental illness is a worldwide issue. In the U.S. alone, online counseling, we serve the entire state of Michigan.

Why psychotherapy is a good investment in yourself, even during an economic recession

May 02, 2023
Feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the future is a common experience during tough economic times. Economic recessions often bring job losses, financial instability, and a…

How therapy can actually help prevent diseases (mental illnesses, but then also diseases of lifestyle)

Apr 03, 2023
We all know that therapy can be incredibly beneficial for managing mental health issues. But did you know that elements of counseling may help prevent…

Let’s Get Your Joy Back

Mar 24, 2023
Paul Krauss MA LPC was recently interviewed about Health for Life Counseling in Grand Rapids, MI. Subkit interviewed Paul about the trauma-informed therapy practice as…

What is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Feb 27, 2023
Are you struggling with intense emotions, negative self-talk, or difficulty in relationships? You're not alone. In fact, about schedule an online consultation to start your…

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