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A Family Affair: Integrating Self-Care into Your Home Routine

Jun 05, 2024
Navigating the complexities of modern life requires a strategic approach to wellness, especially within the family unit. From emotional and physical health to ensuring meaningful…

What’s The Difference Between Counseling & Therapy?

May 16, 2024
When it comes to mental health services in Grand Rapids, MI, understanding the nuances between counseling and therapy can empower individuals to make informed decisions…

Counseling For Anger Management

Nov 26, 2022
Anger management symptoms can vary widely in terms of symptoms and severity, but with enough practice, you can adopt healthy ways of handling your emotions…

Why should we try family therapy when it is our child who is “acting out”?

Apr 24, 2022
Is your child “acting out” and you’re looking for ways to normalize their behavior? Kids these days often have challenging behaviors. Regardless of age, managing…

What To Do When Your Spouse/Partner Doesn’t Want To Help Parent the Children You Have Together?

Apr 18, 2022
It’s devastating when you feel like your partner isn’t interested in parenting the children you have together. When the person who is supposed to love…

Learning about Counseling for Families and Children

Jan 27, 2022
Raising a family isn’t easy. Conflicts arise inside and outside of our control every day, from who forgot to load the dishwasher, to substance abuse,…

“What is Family Therapy?” (An abuse victim’s perspective)

Nov 02, 2021
When families go through trauma, every person is affected in different ways. Some people, they need to extricate themselves from their families and keep their…

Domestic and Child Abuse is on the rise during the Pandemic

Jan 05, 2021
According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), abuse affects 25% of women, 14% of children, and 10% of men each year. During…

Relationship Conflicts

Aug 07, 2018
Relationship Conflicts: Many people are suffering from relationship conflicts. At times it can be hard to identify whether you are suffering from relationship conflict that…

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