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Summer 2023 Dancing Mindfulness Group Grand Rapids

May 30, 2023
Jamie Marich's Dancing Mindfulness has been defined as "moving meditation." For hundreds of years, humans have understood that the universal language of dancing has numerous…

Dancing Mindfulness for Trauma (Process Group) at Health for Life Counseling in 2023

Feb 08, 2023
Dancing mindfulness, created by Jamie Marich, has been described as “moving meditation.” We have known for thousands of years that the universal language of dance…

How counseling can help us learn about living mindfully

Jun 02, 2022
Are you among those people who try to live more mindfully? If you realize the benefits of living mindfully in your everyday life, chances are…

4 Intentional Habits for Increased Personal Growth

Feb 03, 2022
Due to work, social media, bills, and unexpected crises, living intentionally can sometimes feel impossible. However, actioning certain habits can help to calm the storm,…

How is Mindfulness Used in Counseling and How can that Help Me?

Nov 08, 2021
Humans are inclined to work on an autopilot mode, finishing one task after another, without giving them much thought. For example, when you drive to…

5 Methods to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions for Good

Jan 01, 2021
With the New Year right around the corner, many individuals are thinking about what New Year’s resolutions they would like to set for themselves in…

Mindfulness & Trauma

Aug 02, 2019
Practicing Mindfulness To Advance Recovery By The Health For Life Staff Mindfulness has been increasing in popularity over the last few years, but many people…

Mindfulness Based Self-Compassion

Jul 05, 2019

Fighting the Media’s Attempt to Dysregulate Us

Jun 14, 2019
Fighting the Media’s Attempt to Dysregulate Us Part Three of Media Consumption and Body Dysregulation One day I remember I was driving down the highway…

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