Community Resources for Grand Rapids, MI for anyone dealing with stress, anxiety, frustration, etc.

Health for Life Counseling Grand Rapids has community resources for Grand Rapids and the greater Michigan area during this time.

  1. Our staff is answering our phone line 616-200-4433, live 9-5 pm (M-TH) from their homes. We can help get you connected to the right therapist for you. And if you need further assistance we will work to find resources for you. This is a free service. You can also email us or schedule online:
  2. Free Resources:
  • Paul Krauss MA LPC made a free downloadable podcast that includes a stress reduction exercise. Hear how you can cope with anxiety, stress, fear, panic, frustration, and stress due to the pandemic:
  • Free Health Articles to help you at this time of stress and uncertainty:
  • Free Podcast that discusses mental health, psychology, and coping skills with over 40 episodes “The Intentional Clinician” is on all podcast apps as well as our website:
  • Follow @healthforlifegr on Instagram and Facebook for free updates on coping with stress and anxiety, etc.

  1. Connect with one of our highly-trained and personable licensed therapists for an online therapy session. Details here:
  • If you are wondering what online therapy is like, click the link above, as we have created multiple videos for you.
  • All of our therapists will provide a 15-minute complimentary consultation for you.
  • Insurance is now covering all online therapy appointments!
  • All our fully licensed therapists at Health for Life Counseling Grand Rapids (6 of us) can now take all Medicaid Insurances in the State of Michigan.
  • If you are experiencing financial issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic, give us a call, all of our therapists will work with you on a sliding scale.
  • Phone sessions are also available if you do not prefer online therapy.

You can browse our list of therapists here to find a good fit:

  1. Are you experiencing a Traumatic Situation due to the effects of the pandemic? Learn more about what trauma is, how it affects people, and how you can get the help you deserve at The Trauma-Informed Counseling Center of Grand Rapids.
  2. We are now offering low-cost health courses online:

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones at the time.

Let us know how we can help.


Learn more about the Trauma-Informed Counseling Center of Grand Rapids

Learn more about Counseling and Therapy services at Health for Life Counseling Grand Rapids

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