Consulting with a

Mental Health Professional

Paul Krauss Therapist Counselor

As a Mental Health Expert, I get asked a lot about my perspective on a wide range of topics. From people attempting to weight the pros and cons of a large decision, or families dealing with financial issue (the psychological aspects). Other times, I have had organizations contact me wanting my opinion on what to do about certain employees’ behavior, or how to create an incentive-based workplace environment.

As a therapist, I do not give my opinions, or offer advice to my clients—psychotherapy is a process and one that is governed by a whole host of rules at the state level, ethics and techniques from the counseling profession, as well as time, space, and boundary limitations.

As a consultant, I will be speaking for myself. I will utilize my expertise as a Mental Health Expert to give yourself or your organization my ideas without restraint. This will be nothing like therapy at all. However, I will draw on my experiences helping others to offer you multiple perspectives in these confusing times.

In the field of Mental Health: I have been a Private Practice Therapist, Adjunct Graduate School Professor, Clinical Supervisor, Clinical Director, Professional Speaker, Behavioral Health Trainer, EMDR Consultant, Mentor, and Podcast Host (Regarding Psychology and Philosophy). Interacting in such a wide range of places and roles helps me draw on a vast variety of experiences and knowledge that will make consulting with me, worth your while.

For inquiries for your life or project, please contact me at [email protected]