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Counseling for Business Professionals
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The pressure is on. When you are a business professional, almost everyone has high expectations of you as a person, your work, and what you can do for them. Such circumstances can be exhausting and stress-producing. High-performing business professionals often need a space where they are free from the agendas of others, can work on ways to free up their time, hone their emotional intelligence skills, and find a space to express themselves that is away from their professional position.

Health for Life Counseling’s therapists are passionate about helping pressured business professionals in Grand Rapids, MI Ada, MI, and the West Michigan area. Many business people find themselves drowning in busyness, while entrepreneurs can find themselves anxious about deadlines and funding. In general, being a business professional lends to high levels of stress due to the demands of a boss, a corporation, your employees, or even just plain competition. Our counselors have advanced skills to help business professionals find relief from stress, anxiety, and be able to find a balance.

Who Can Benefit from Counseling for Business Professionals?

While this specialty therapy is geared toward executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals–it doesn’t matter whether you are a CFO, CEO, or own a small business. It is likely that anger, stress, frustration, confusion, and loneliness can all enter into the picture when your work is demanding so much of you.

Business professionals are naturally innovative, creative, and intelligent as people, and many are or aspire to be leaders. When you make decisions, they don’t just impact you–they impact the company you work for and many other people around you. Yet, the stress of these decisions can be profound and isolating.

People who experience stress may notice trouble sleeping, spending time “numbing out”, getting headaches, physical and muscle tension, and other aches and pains. Many business professionals may feel consumed by their jobs and then these issues may begin to impact their personal lives and relationships in a negative way. While a business person may make jokes such as “You can sleep when you’re dead…” or comments such as “I have to just push through to the deadline”–the reality is, that too much stress can negatively impact one’s immune system and could possibly even lead to some type of disease.

Our therapists at Health for Life Counseling understand if a business professional is seeking counseling, that they are likely to want to set realistic goals and get results. Our goal is to get you out of counseling sooner than later–we can help you set goals for overall well being, figure out different ways to “be” at work and at home, and help you work through your blind spots, which will help you become stronger in your role and as a person. Therapy can help you address many issues and roadblocks that may be holding you back from your potential in both your professional and personal life. You’ve heard the adage, “it’s lonely at the top” and this is a very true statement in most people’s experience. Having a therapist that helps you sort through work and personal issues may give you back the bandwidth you have lost due to stress.

Between 2011 and 2030, mental health problems could cost nations a total of $16.3 trillion in lost economic output. The drain of mental health issues on the economy comes from many sources. These sources include absenteeism and lost productivity being the two most significant factors. (Source: World Economic Forum with the Harvard School of Public Health).

Counseling for Business Professionals In Grand Rapids, MI Ada, MI, and West Michigan

Therapists For Counseling for Business Professionals

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Paul Krauss – Clinical Director

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