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Health Coaching:

a 1:1 partnership that several of Health For Life’s clinicians use to provide support and accountability for you to achieve your health goals. They provide help on weight loss journeys, better digestive health, improved energy and mood through nutrition and lifestyle factors. We work specifically with your needs and goals, offering learning modules, customized recipes just for you, and assignments that will keep you on track to a successful mindset and habit formation. When applicable, we recommend laboratory testing to uncover possible food sensitivities or fungal overgrowth that could be sabotaging your health.

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What can Health Coaching do for you?

  • Help you get “unstuck” or back on the right track toward your wellness goals
  • Help you improve your digestion, energy, sleep, and daily habits so that you are thriving and not just surviving on caffeine or sugar hits for energy
  • Help you discover what habits or thoughts may be sabotaging your health and happiness, and learn to cultivate a positive mindset necessary for success/healing
  • Empower you to nourish yourself and your family well and without fear or dogmatic approaches.

A Sustainable Lifestyle

You know what you should be doing, but you have trouble sticking to it through the ups and downs of your busy life. You may have tried “all-in” types of 21-Day, 30-Day or 90-Day programs or specialty diets, but have experienced the “rebound effect” that comes from overtaxing your willpower and only addressing behaviors, not mindset and long-term sustainability. Learn how to harness the power of goal setting, mindset, and the science of habit formation without unnecessary restriction to finally move into a personalized healthy lifestyle you can maintain.

Detoxify Me

Living in our modern toxic environment, our bodies are constantly exposed to pollutants, chemicals, pesticides, and contaminants. From the air we breathe, to the products we use on our bodies, to the mattresses we sleep on and clothing we wear, to the food we consume and the water we drink, it is no secret that we all need periodic “tune-ups” to give our bodies a much-needed break from toxin exposure and a chance to rest and repair the digestive system.

Learn practical ways to reduce your family’s “toxic burden” (exposure to toxins), and to improve the body’s ability to be more resilient in our modern environment.

From gentle whole foods cleanses that give the body and digestive system a much-needed break to cleanse protocols for Candida overgrowth, coach Sarah can help you find a safe and healthy method of detoxification that is right for you.

Stress Less: Customized Menu Planning for Specialty Diets

Our clinicians offer delicious recipe plans and shopping lists customizable to your unique dietary needs (e.g., multiple food sensitivities in the family, Candida Cleanse clients, vegan or Paleo lifestyles, sugar-free recipes). This will help to save time and money while also taking the stress out of eating healthy by purchasing a done-for-you customized menu plan with beautiful recipe photos, complete with a shopping list and nutrition information all included.

A Wellness Mindset

Changing behavior first begins with changing our thoughts. You may have heard the commonly-touted statistic that long term health and weight loss are based upon 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Sounds simple enough, right? Eat whole foods, not too much, mostly plants (in the words of Michael Pollan), and get some exercise…. But if it were really that simple, we would not have a nation plagued with obesity, diabetes, processed food-addiction, and caffeine- and sugar-addiction. The fact is, to truly be WELL for the long haul in our society, we must learn to master the mind and to develop a “wellth” mindset that works for us, instead of against us.

Our clinicians background in psychology and the passion they have for their field of personal development, you will deconstruct your goals, your health mindset, and the thought patterns that either help or hinder you from staying on the success curve of health and vitality.  Our clinicians help to avoid all-or-nothing mindsets that lead to failure and instead, develop a “wellth mindset” that will serve you for life.

Dealing with Food Sensitivities & Poor Digestive Health

The importance of digestive health cannot be overstated; the digestive tract is the interface between the insides of our bodies and the outside world, and it contains 70-80% of the body’s immune cells. In other words, the majority of your immune system is housed in the gut, and any inflammation in the gut equals compromised immune function. Furthermore, upwards of 50% of the brain’s dopamine and 80-90% of its serotonin (source?) are produced in the intestinal tract (and transmitted to the brain via the vagus nerve), so an unhealthy gut generally means insufficient production of the feel-good neurotransmitters that our brains need for optimum function. 

This is why uncovering delayed reactions (sensitivities) to foods, fungal overgrowth, or parasites is so important to achieving digestive health, and consequently the vibrant health, mood, and energy we all wish to have. Our clinicians partner with consultants to offer clinical laboratory testing for food sensitivities, Candida overgrowth, and parasitic infection so that you can obtain a science-based protocol that will work for you.

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