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What is an LMFT Counselor?

Jan 26, 2023
Having healthy dynamics within a family is crucial for the overall well-being of its members. Unfortunately, about 70–80% of American adults

Feeling Blue? 7 Signs It’s Seasonal Depression.

Jan 24, 2023
For many people, the gray days of winter mean cozy nights spent indoors and a season filled with festive cheer. But for others, winter can…

What if I have the wrong therapist, should I quit and never go back again?

Jan 16, 2023
It can be intimidating and overwhelming to start seeing a therapist while facing doubts about whether or not you've found the right fit. While it’s…

What is Trauma? and How to Heal [Paul Krauss MA LPC guests on the Holistic Inner Balance podcast]

Jan 08, 2023
Paul Krauss MA LPC, one of Dr. Cain's favorite people in the world (full disclosure: he's also her partner), is interviewed by Holistic Inner Balance.…

What is Behavioral Therapy?

Jan 06, 2023

Success Story of Trauma-Informed Counseling Center & Tips to Prevent Burnout

Jan 03, 2023
Meet Paul Krauss MA LPC Paul Krauss MA LPC is a licensed professional counselor for over 16 years now and has been in Grand Rapids,…

What is complex trauma and how can therapy help? [Benefits of Trauma-Specific Therapies]

Dec 16, 2022
Most of us have experienced some type of trauma during our lives. According to

National Violence Prevention Hotline and Paul Krauss MA LPC featured on DailyKOS

Dec 14, 2022
Over the past 5 years, Paul Krauss MA LPC has been working on developing a National Violence Prevention Hotline. In 2022, this proposed hotline has…

If you are having relationship troubles and are looking for resources, this blog is for you.

Dec 12, 2022
Time and time again, therapists hear similar questions and statements about relationships in their counseling practices. Now, there are many many reasons why all of…

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