Dancing Mindfulness for healing trauma, regulating the nervous system, and deep processing w/ Erin Craig LLMSW

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[Episode 104 of The Intentional Clinician Podcast]

Paul Krauss MA LPC and Erin Craig LLMSW discuss “Dancing Mindfulness” in this podcast, which is a novel method for expressing emotions through dance, promoting trauma recovery, and assisting in nervous system regulation. To assist those looking for alternative methods and deeper healing, certified therapists conduct the integrative health technique known as “dancing mindfulness.” Dancing Mindfulness encourages self-expression and introspection while including a variety of educational components, such as trauma-informed science, polyvagal theory, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Erin co-leads the group at Health for Life Counseling with Sarah Denick, LMSW. Erin Craig, LLMSW, and her foray into more somatic therapy activities are also discussed.

“I truly believe that movement is our first language… [this technique] can move past cultural barriers and reach entire communities.” -Erin Craig, LLMSW

  • Dancing Mindfulness which was developed by Dr. Jamie Marich out of her own healing journey and is an approach to addressing symptoms and feelings in our lives that doesn’t rely on talking.
    “Each session of Dancing Mindfulness will begin with education or information about the topic for the day (a mindfulness concept, trauma and the body, etc.), which will then be followed by freestyle dance paired with a theme and music. We will then end each session with a relaxation practice. There is no dance experience required, all skill levels are welcome!

Erin Craig LLMSW has been a therapist in the Grand Rapids, MI area for over five years. She works with clients individually and runs Dancing Mindfulness groups.
Learn more about the Dancing Mindfulness Group held in the Spring of 2023 as well as ongoing groups through Move with GR and Health for Life Counseling in West Michigan and Grand Rapids, MI.

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