Dissecting the future based on science and data while leaving projection and fear behind with John Hands

John Hands

[Episode 111 of The Intentional Clinician Podcast]

John Hands joins Paul Krauss MA LPC on the Intentional Clinician to discuss some of the current major anxieties circulating in the information-overload culture as well as mass and social media. John Hands worked on his first nonfiction book, COSMOSAPIENS: Human Evolution from the Origin of the Universe., for more than ten years. Some of John’s tactics include summarizing current scientific material from a variety of sources into digestible pieces and then distributing chapter drafts to professors and scientists all over the world for feedback before publication. After spending a significant amount of time writing on the beginnings of humanity, John Hand’s most recent book and this podcast focus on his analysis and forecasts for the future.

John’s book is entitled: THE FUTURE OF HUMANKIND: Why We Should Be Optimistic.

This title may surprise many of you, as it did me. However, John’s primary question is “Will human beings become extinct?” as a result of numerous human problems such as warfare, bioweapons, pandemics, climate change, solar activity, huge geological events, asteroids and comets, artificial intelligence, and so on.

The unequivocal result of John Hand’s research is, “No. Humans will become extinct from these issues.” Of course, John is not an issue denial. Most of the conditions listed above will cause numerous problems and deaths. In fact, he suggests that millions of people will die and cultures will be disrupted as a result of climate change–however, his careful examination of the data leads him to believe that there are too many factors and models to believe that the earth will not simply “burn up” as the runaway hypothesis suggests, but will change dramatically due to various factors and measurements that he lists and outlines in the book. However, John does not believe that climate change will lead to the extinction of humans, despite the fact that many people’s lives will be devastated. This may seem shocking and even heretical to individuals like myself who are sincerely concerned about climate change and environment, but I urge you to listen to this episode and read John’s work because it is carefully researched and boldly investigated without any agenda, political affiliation, or monetary interest. These topics are simply too complex to cover in one paragraph or on the podcast, but John offers an intriguing and balanced perspective.

Check out the book here: THE FUTURE OF HUMANKIND: Why We Should Be Optimistic

John Hands is the author of critically acclaimed nonfiction books and novels, and has been published in 12 countries.  He was trained in science, specializing in chemistry, at the University of London where he had been the first undergraduate President of the Union.  He co-authored two research studies and published one book in the social sciences.  He tutored in physics and in management studies for Britain’s Open University, was visiting lecturer at the University of North London and then RLF Fellow at University College London where he began more than 10 years writing COSMOSAPIENS Human Evolution from the Origin of the Universe.  He has also written three novels published in the UK and the USA, one of which was also published in six other countries.

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