Examining the Deepest Human Desires: Love, Understanding, Power, Connection, Attention, Freedom, Belonging, Forbidden Desires, etc. w/ Charlotte Fox Weber

Charlotte Fox Weber

[Episode 115 of The Intentional Clinician Podcast]

Charlotte Fox Weber, author and psychotherapist, speaks with Paul Krauss MA LPC on human desire and the intersection between identifying these sentiments in psychotherapy and acting on them in one’s own life. Charlotte Fox Weber’s most recent book: Tell Me What You Want: A Therapist and Her Clients Explore Our 12 Deepest Desires is a great blend of storytelling and analytical analysis that takes the reader behind the scenes of counseling sessions and into one of the most primal aspects of the human experience: desire.

In her book, Charlotte Fox Weber highlights 12 universal desires: To love and be loved, to be understood, to have power, to receive attention, to be free, to create, to belong, to win, to connect, to control, to have what we shouldn’t. Charlotte and Paul talk about the book and how people may learn to express themselves and feel more alive in their everyday lives.

Charlotte Fox Weber is a psychotherapist and writer. She co-founded Examined Life and was the founding head of The School of Life Psychotherapy. She grew up in Connecticut and Paris and now lives in London with her husband and two young children. Tell Me What You Want is her first book. Please follow Charlotte on IG: @charlottefoxweberpsychotherapy; Twitter: @Charliefoxweber.

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