Ben Zimmerman

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Ben Zimmerman, LLMSW


Ben Zimmerman

“Change is the only constant in life.” – Heraclitus 

“I always entertain the notion that I’m wrong, or that I’ll have to revise my opinion. Most of the time that feels good; sometimes it really hurts and is embarrassing.” – Anthony Bourdain 

I would like to help you become patient with yourself. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. We all have the power to grow. We all have the ability to change, if we desire to, no matter the challenge. I am grateful to the teachers and mentors who gave me the opportunity to facilitate a safe therapy space where I can work with you.

I come to Health for Life Counseling from a conflict resolution background. It started in under-grad with my minor degree and morphed into a lifestyle of never-ending conflict transformations. From working in dive bars, to prestigious kitchens I have honed the craft of finding common ground and managing both relationship issues and how we feel inside. It starts with open, honest, non-violent communication and understanding. It continues with mindfulness, boundaries, and a collaborative clinical process that forms an engaging alliance that leads to only desired outcomes.

Together, we will set goals and work diligently to achieve them. My therapy process is the culmination of all my knowledge both inside and outside of the realm of social work and therapy.

I have been fortunate enough to have worked with people from all over the world and I strive to bring all of my experiences to the therapy hour and customize my approach to your unique life.

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Ben's Bio

Ben Zimmerman, LLMSW, is a therapist serving the Grand Rapids, MI area through online telehealth and in person therapy. Ben is a former chef and utilizes all his past work experiences to provide a grounding therapeutic experience for his clients. Graduating from Louisiana State University with a Master of Social Work degree, Ben provides individual counseling and therapy from a trauma-informed lens. His approach focuses on the client within their environment utilizing open communication, motivational interviewing, and client feedback informed services. Anger, depression, anxiety, grief, eating disorders, and substance abuse are some of the areas Ben specializes in. Ben is a white, cis gendered man that uses he/him pronouns. Ben is an advocate for all people who are going through a difficult time and are seeking emotional wellness. Ben is an ally for the LGBTQIA+ community and is an affirming clinician.