Brittani Decess

Counseling through a trauma-informed, inclusive, and equitable lens for individuals, relationships, and families.

Brittani Decess, MA, LLPC


Brittani has obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Art Therapy from Alverno College as well as a Masters of Arts in Counseling Education: Marriage, Couples, and Families from Western Michigan University.


MA, LLPC, Gottman Level 1

If you are looking for a non-judgmental and accepting therapist, then you have come to the right place. You have taken the first step to help move through whatever it is that may be tugging at you. I strive to be a welcoming therapist that is accepting of whatever path you may be on and a person that is easy to talk to. I work with families, children, teens, various relationship groupings, and adults using a creative approach to therapy and providing a healing space for all to feel safe. My mission is to help you get to where you want to be, as well as shedding the things that are holding you back. Being someone that has had their own journey of transformation and pain, as well as continuing to look at and change their own implicit biases, I want to make sure you understand that I work to align with you, whatever is happening with you.

I offer counseling through the viewpoint that trauma, inequalities, gender and sexuality, and everything that is surrounding us is impacting us. This perspective empowers me to best serve individuals, children, teens, families, and those in relationships. Because I believe the people surrounding us often have the biggest impacts in our lives my specialties include domestic violence, sexual assault, abuse, neglect, sexuality concerns, relationship concerns, those experiencning non-monogmy, BDSM/kink, and LGBTQ+ experiences. It is also because of these experiences that many people are hesitant to find someone to talk with them. It is my hope and my intention to encourage all people to live their truth and believe that everyone deserves respect and the ability to use their voice.

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Brittani's Bio

Brittani Decess is a therapist in Grand Rapids and Ada, MI. Brittani identifies as a queer cis-gendered white female; uses she/her pronouns . Brittani has worked with a variety of individuals and families across the life span using talk and creative therapies to aid clients in healing and processing. Brittani holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art Therapy and a Master’s Degree in Counseling with a focus on Marriage, Couples, and Families.  Brittani has several years of trauma-informed work including facilitating a Cognitive-Behavoral-Therapy curriculum to youth in court system, being a public speaker and educator on topics related to sexual assault and domestic violence, and counseling children, teens, and caregivers moving through the adoption and foster care system before coming to Health for Life Counseling- Ada, MI. Brittani specializes in topics and issues related to lifespan changes/transitions, trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship dynamics (couples, families, and other relationship groupings), attachment, communication, self-esteem, LGBTQ+ , sexuality and intimacy, and impacts of unhelpful social narratives. Brittani approaches therapy by working towards processing the meaning of experiences by exploring the intersectionality of cultural identities and how connections to people, places, and events have impacted the client(s) mental health and other areas most important to them.

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