Dana Kennedy

Relational, trauma-informed, strengths-based therapy with a foundation of authenticity and hospitality to heal and grow

Dana Kennedy, LLMSW


Masters of Social Work from Grand Valley State University, Bachelors of Social Work from Cornerstone University



Society has normalized monitoring, managing, and protecting our physical health, through nutrition, routine check-ups with your primary care physician, regular self-examinations, and routine exercise… So why is there still a stigma on monitoring, managing, and protecting our mental and emotional health as well? This is how I see therapy: a preventative wellness resource to maintain our health. Why wait for a crisis to occur? Prevent breakdowns and burnout from daily life stressors, process the pains of the past so they no longer inhibit your present, and work through inevitable future struggles proactively. This is how we become our best selves –and it’s my goal to remind you that you’re worth the investment.

I am available to meet with any individuals seeking counseling. I also am passionate about serving clients seeking support through postpartum and motherhood/parenthood, marriage and family, ADHD, faith/spirituality, and childhood trauma. My experience is in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Motivational Interviewing, and an Ecological Perspective. I’ve worked with incarcerated individuals, youth and adults experiencing homelessness, individuals struggling with a wide range of mental health diagnoses, single mothers, and individuals with a range of past and present trauma.

Through years of experience in the field working with a diverse clientele base in multiple settings, I’ve grown in my skills of communication and problem-solving through a practice of compassion. I am an inherently relational person, and through creating meaningful relationships based on hospitality, grace, and mutual respect, my goal is to meet individuals where they’re at and provide them with a safe space for authenticity. I practice from a strengths-based approach when working with individuals because through years of experience, I have learned that the best way to solve a person’s problem is by empowering them to solve it themselves. I understand that you are the expert of your own life, and I’m dedicated to supporting every person in their growth through empathy, creativity, and transparency despite the challenges that arise. Whether my help is sought so I can be a sounding board and non-judgemental point of view, or you’re looking for help overcoming your barriers and developing tools in order to meet your goals, I’m here to support, empower, and guide you through whatever process that might look like for you. My priority is to build rapport through empathy, advocacy, and at times, accountability, so that you can heal, grow, and thrive as the person you were created to be.

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Dana's Bio

Dana Kennedy, LLMSW, is a relational therapist serving the Grand Rapids area and all of Michigan through online telehealth therapy. She has a Masters degree in Social Work from Grand Valley State University, and has been practicing social work for over 6 years. Dana provides individual and family therapy from a trauma-focused, strengths based approach, and her background is in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, and Ecological counseling. Her practice is rooted in the power of relationships, authenticity, and compassion.