Elif Piromari

Strengths-Based and Trauma-Informed Therapy for Young Adults and More

Elif Piromari, LLMSW


Masters in Social Work at Auburn University, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Michigan State University


Elif Piromari, LLMSW

Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful parts of us. –David Richo

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable with someone new is often one of the most challenging aspects of starting therapy. There is a stigma associated with seeking professional help for mental health in many communities; however, therapy can open doors you didn’t know existed. I believe that you are your own expert and have the strength within you to navigate challenges in your life. My role as a therapist is to be along your side to help find the best version of yourself.

Each individual’s path in therapy is unique. With the use of strength-based interventions we can find a safe, culturally-responsive, and a non-judgmental environment to support your needs and overcome challenges. I am passionate about helping individuls explore the thoughts and feelings that empower them to develop healthy habits for their daily lives. Healing and change can start with a simple intention and my intention is to help you achieve your personal goals.

I am eager to work with individuals who have endured all forms of trauma, including sexual, physical, and emotional. Unprocessed trauma can manifest itself in various forms including emotional responses and physical symptoms. Our bodies often hold on to feelings that our brains cannot process and in turn inhibit our potential to succeed in our daily life. I aim to give you the tools you need to settle those feelings and symptoms and enable your potential for growth, empowerment, self-love, and success.

As a daughter of immigrants, I am familiar with the struggles of feeling like an outsider, facing ongoing acculturation, as well as the stress and anxiety that comes with resettlement and starting over. I strive to normalize therapy and make it accessible to anyone struggling with their cultural or personal identity, including the immigrant community and anyone seeking therapy for the first time.

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Elif's Bio

Elif Piromari, LLMSW, is a therapist serving all of Michigan through online telehealth therapy, as well as a presence in Grand Rapids and the West Michigan area. Elif provides individual counseling and therapy from a trauma-informed lens for children, adolescents, and young adults. Her therapeutic experience has mostly focused on Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy working with child victims of abuse and neglect. Elif’s counseling approach is rooted in evidence-based interventions including holistic approach, implementing mindfulness, and behavioral strategies. Elif welcomes all individuals regardless of their age, background, and struggles.

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