Josh Zheng

Holistic psychotherapy utilizing an integrated approach of somatic, emotion- focused and cognitive-behavioral traditions.

Josh Zheng, MS, LPC


Masters of Science in Counseling from Portland State University


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy – Level II (Developmental Injury), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy – Level I (Trauma Themes), Internal Family Systems – Level I (IFS Trained Therapist), EMDR – Level I, Emotion Focused Individual Therapy – Externship, Collaborative Problem Solving – Tier II



Josh Zheng has a passion for working with trauma and complex trauma owing to his own life experiences and healing journey. In order to serve those who have been impacted by trauma, he has undergone rigorous training in a variety of approaches in order to provide evidence-based, quality care tailored to the unique challenges and strengths of each individual he works with.

In general practice, Josh utilizes a mindfulness-based approach to psychotherapy that emphasizes the body as a primary approach to insight and healing. This approach is designed to assist individuals who are interested in developing increased self-awareness of habitual patterns of thinking, feeling, believing and behaving or for those who have experienced trauma.

A message directly from Josh:

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read this page. It’s hard to really capture what it feels like to be in therapy with me just with words, but here are some things you can expect from me in a list (you’ll learn that I really love lists!):

  1. I will be curious. Extremely curious. I will ask a lot of questions to learn more about you, and help you consider your experiences from different perspectives.
  2. I will help you find clear language that resonates with you to help you describe what it’s like to be you.
  3. I’m interested in helping you learn how to pay attention to your thoughts, emotions and your body as a useful source of information and an ally.
  4. I will share what I know about trauma and complex trauma and help you identify tips, tricks, and strategies you can use to manage symptoms.
  5. If necessary, I have training in several methods of processing trauma and will adapt my approach based on what you’re trying to process and your individual needs and comfort level.
  6. I aspire to be as approachable and human as possible. You will not be talking to a blank slate or bobblehead!
  7. I will, when appropriate and with your consent, be your partner in organizing, identifying actionable solutions, making plans and helping be a source of accountability as you work towards your goals.

Thanks for taking the time to consider what you need out of therapy. Picking the right therapist is hard and so I try my best to be as transparent as I can about who I am and what I offer.

If you’d like to know more or have general questions about me, my training, my approach, or just want to meet for 15 minutes to see if we’re a fit, just send me an email!

Insurance Accepted

Josh's Bio

Josh Zheng MS LPC is a counselor in Grand Rapids and Ada, Michigan that holds the counseling relationship to be sacred and of the utmost importance in the courageous work of self-learning and healing. Josh specializes in Counseling for people of all ages, EMDR Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy and seeks to cultivate a space of compassion, courage and creativity that can help those struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma and interpersonal or family conflict.

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