Katerina Guerrero

Empowering Your Journey: Culturally Inclusive, Integrative Therapy for Healing and Growth

Katerina Guerrero, LLPC, LLMFT


Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with Specialization in Licensed Professional Counseling and Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy at National University, Bachelor of Arts in Communication from California State University, Fresno


LLPC, LLMFT, EMDR Level II- Trained, Certified Usui Reiki Master teacher
Katerina Guerrero

Greetings, I’m Katerina, a culturally sensitive therapist dedicated to creating a safe space for you to explore your inner world. My approach is integrative and holistic, aiming to foster introspection and self-acceptance without judgment. I understand that each person’s healing journey is unique, shaped by their life experiences and how they relate to themselves and others.

In our work together, I will strive to meet you where you are, and aid in guiding you to discover the answers within yourself. I’m here to support you in finding your voice, standing in your power, and developing healthy habits. Your experiences are valued, and your autonomy and agency in the therapeutic process are of utmost importance to me. I believe in the power of connection and strive to ensure you feel heard, validated, and empowered in our sessions.

I view our therapeutic relationship through a trauma-informed lens, built on trust, empathy, and respect for who you are. This helps to pave the way for you to navigate challenges and uncover resilience within your own story. My commitment is to provide you with holistic care that respects your diverse identities and experiences, offering the support you need to heal and thrive. I look forward to accompanying you on this transformative journey.

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Katerina's Bio

Katerina Guerrero, LLPC, LLMFT is a compassionate and culturally sensitive therapist with a deep commitment to providing trauma-informed care serving Grand Rapids, MI, and the West Michigan area. Drawing from her diverse multicultural heritage and background as a military veteran, this unique combination of experiences allows her to approach therapy with a unique perspective of the therapeutic process and an understanding of the diverse challenges that individuals face. Her work spans a wide spectrum, from supporting children and teenagers to assisting adults and the elderly,  all of whom have come from varying cultural backgrounds and walks of life.

Grounded in a strong belief in equity and inclusivity, her goal is to ensure that every individual’s unique experience is acknowledged, respected, and supported on their healing journey, creating a safe and nurturing space for her clients to thrive and grow. With an integrative skill set and a holistic approach to healing, Katerina has successfully worked with individuals navigating a range of complex life transitions, including those related to substance use, military-related transitions, families affected by domestic violence, foster care youth and families, individuals on the autism spectrum, and those coping with mental health conditions and diagnoses.

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