Lucas Perkins, Counseling Intern

Culturally Sensitive & Holistic Counseling for Adults and Older Teens

Lucas Perkins, Counseling Intern,


Masters of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Western Michigan University (Graduation December 2024)


Supervised by Margie Muñoz, LPC
Lucas Perkins, Counseling Intern

There are systems and structures of inequality in our world that deeply impact our experiences, opportunities, and emotional well being. I believe that effective therapy addresses and reflects on these factors and how they interplay in all of our lives. My approach to therapy utilizes person-centered and feminist theory, emphasizing the belief that people have the strength within themselves to create change, well also acknowledging and reflecting on the external forces that impact our journey toward doing so.

I believe it is crucial to take into account the systems and structures of inequality that have impacted the development of the field of counseling. Therefore, I make an intentional effort to be safe for communities historically harmed by the fields of counseling and psychology including the African American and LGBTQIA+ communities. I do so by familiarizing myself with the history and continually seeking training and education on how to be an accessible therapist for said communities, as well as how to be an effective cross-cultural therapist overall.

Areas of Specialty: I specialize in several areas which impact the lives and mental health of individuals throughout different stages of their lives.

  • Anxiety and Depression: We can work together to navigate and discuss the difficulties that come while living a life with anxiety and/or depression. We will build skills and discuss your experiences in a warm, non-judgemental environment.
  • Spiritual Issues and Religious Deconstruction: Navigating meaning and beliefs can be a difficult yet powerful experience. It may be hard to question or move away from beliefs you once had or reflect on the pain experienced from a religious organization but in this there can be beautiful and empowering growth. Therapy is a wonderful place to unpack and reimagine our beliefs and values in a safe, independent environment.
  • Friendship and Relationship Difficulties: Growing and maintaining positive relationships is a key factor to mental and emotional wellbeing. In therapy we can navigate the ups and downs of both romantic partnerships and platonic friendship as they shift and develop throughout your life.
  • LGBTQIA+: Navigating your sexuality and/or gender can be a challenging yet exciting process and therapy is a great space to unpack these important aspects. Additionally, navigating a world that is too often not accepting or affirming of your identity can be exhausting and complex especially when resources and support are minimal. Therapy can space to navigate these realities in a safe non-judgement space. We can also navigate the nuances of Queer partnerships and how to build strong lasting Queer relationships in heteronormative world.
  • Life Changes and Identity Development: We are all constantly developing and growing as people and sometimes life puts us in uncomfortable positions where we have difficult yet inevitable change. In these moments therapy can be a beautiful space to navigate new circumstances and environments and who we want to be amongst these changes.

Therapeutic Approaches

My approach is rooted in Person-Centered and Feminist theory. Person-Centered therapy emphasizes the importance of the therapy relationship and environment. It is utilized under the belief that within a warm, non-judgemental environment people have the strength within themselves to create change and establish genuineness. It is intentional that I partner this with Feminist therapy which emphasizes the impact of the structures and systems that are outside of our control which deeply impact our experiences, personhood, and wellbeing. Practically this looks like integrating culture and systems theory into our discussion in therapy with the understanding that no experience is “culture-free.” In addition to this, I also utilize aspects of Narrative therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy and Holistic practices throughout my work with clients.

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Lucas's Bio

Lucas Perkins (Any pronouns), is a counseling intern working towards their Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Western Michigan University. Their expected graduation is December 2024. Prior to his experience working with both teenage and adult clients, Lucas has worked with college students in Residence Life at several different universities. Lucas also has experience working with teenagers in a drug rehabilitation unit in a residential care facility. His approach is based in Person-Centered and Feminist theory which emphasizes the power of the client to create change within a warm, non-judgemental environment while also considering the societal structures and systems that impact their ability to do so. Lucas draws from a variety of evidence-based techniques to aid clients in working through anxiety, depression, friendship & relationship concerns, personal development, life changes, spiritual concerns, and religious deconstruction. They firmly believe that therapy is for everybody and that deeply rooted systems and structures even within the field of counseling have made it unsafe and inaccessible for several cultural groups. Lucas is passionate about being an accessible and safe therapist for groups historically harmed by the fields of psychology and counseling including African American and LGBTQIA+ communities by continuing to educate themselves on the history and staying up to date on accessible and culturally relevant practices.

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