Margie Muñoz

Trauma Informed Counseling, Mindfulness-Based, and EMDR Therapy for Teens, and Adults

Margie Muñoz, MA, LPC


Masters of Arts in Counselor Education - Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Western Michigan University, Bachelor of Arts in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Grand Valley State University, Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Grand Valley State University, Yoga Teacher Training 200 - AM Yoga


Certified Yoga Teacher 200, EMDR Trained Level II



Navigating life circumstances, exploring our own identities, and managing expectations can be overwhelming–even more so when we feel like we are dealing with it on our own. Sometimes the weight of self-doubt and worry keeps us from staying connected to the present moment, leaving us searching for genuine connection and purpose. I am here to support you as we sift through beliefs, patterns, and habits to help you reconnect with the most genuine embodiment of YOU.

As a professional counselor, I work to support people in exploring themselves, their stories, and their goals in order to establish a sense of stability and autonomy. I value the experience, background, and complexity of each individual who steps into the counseling room. I understand that each individual’s lived experience is unique, and this experience provides powerful tools and perspectives in the counseling process.

I see myself as a facilitator and collaborator, aiming to help people find ways to navigate and cope through life’s obstacles. My theoretical approach is eclectic, drawing from person-centered approaches as well as mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.

I have worked in various settings with ages ranging from young children to emerging adults. I have extensive experience in working through trauma; I have worked with children in the foster care system, folks experiencing housing instability, and students navigating school, socialization, and identity.

I am a certified yoga instructor, and I bring these tools into the counseling room when beneficial. I am also a fluent Spanish speaker – I was born in Colombia, and have lived in various countries before moving to the United States as a teenager. I am happy to provide counseling services in Spanish.

Through counseling, I hope to help you find comfort and power in your identity, your experience, and your environment!

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Margie's Bio

Margie Muñoz, MA LPC is a counselor in Grand Rapids, MI specializing in counseling for children, adolescents, and adults navigating the impacts of trauma including anger, depression, anxiety, and exaggerated reactivity, which can impact experiences at school, at home, and with peers. Margie also has experience working with young adults navigating anxiety and depression as they establish their independence and face complex pressures as they transition into adulthood.

Margie uses mindfulness-based approaches, cognitive therapy techniques, and existential therapy to find the root cause of inner struggles and build skills and frameworks to move forward through life’s obstacles. Margie is trained in EMDR therapy as well.

Margie is a bicultural, bilingual counselor who is able to provide counseling services in Spanish. Margie also leads trauma-informed yoga groups for pre-teens and adolescents navigating social pressure, anxiety, and depression.

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