Maxwell Schuiteman

EMDR, Strengths-Based, and Relational Therapy for Adults: Relationships, Men’s Issues, Trauma, etc.

Maxwell Schuiteman, LMSW


Grand Valley State University - Masters of Social Work, Hope College - Psychology & Neuroscience


DBT, TF-CBT, EMDR Trained Level II



My approach to therapy is to work with you to create your own roadmap toward meaningful change. What that journey looks like is unique to each person, and deserves to be explored within a genuine, honest, and empowering environment. I prioritize building an authentic therapy relationship that invites you to explore past and current experiences in order to help foster an understanding into inner drives, motivations, and conflicts.

I primarily utilize methods from Acceptance-Commitment Therapy and Psychodynamic theory to explore how difficult emotions rooted in traumatic experiences can negatively affect our relationship with others and with ourselves. I specialize in supporting people suffering from shame, fear, and anxiety through reframing negative self-talk, developing mindfulness skills to create distance from emotional experiences, and processing painful memories through acceptance and compassion. I am also trained in EMDR therapy, which is an effective and empirically proven mind-body based approach to treating PTSD, anxiety, depression, and complex trauma by reprocessing traumatic experiences to help reduce their impact on your thoughts, behaviors, and perspective.

I see therapy as both a form of healing and of exploration. Therapy is not only an incredible healing tool, but for many it is the only nonjudgmental space where they can explore their authentic selves with curiosity and care.  I believe effective therapy is both supportive and challenging and requires a strong relationship between the therapist and each person. My goal is to help you build from where you are at the beginning of therapy to become the person you want to be by the end of our work together.

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Maxwell's Bio

Maxwell Schuiteman LMSW is a therapist in Grand Rapids, MI who specializes in counseling with adults who are grappling with anxiety, self-esteem issues, relationship troubles, identity difficulties and childhood trauma. Max is also known as a specialist in addressing Men’s issues and building healthy masculinity. Max utilizes trauma-informed modalities such as ACT and EMDR to provide evidence-based care to those managing both trauma and complex PTSD. Max enjoys empowering individuals to grow into the people they want to be, while shedding the layers of negative thoughts, behaviors, and fears that may be holding them back.