Megan Drizin

Telehealth Counseling for Women, Moms, and Couples

Megan Drizin, MA LLPC PMH-C


Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Neuroscience from Albion College, Master’s in Counseling from Nova Southeastern University.


Experience providing therapy with women, mothers, couples and families as they navigate the changes, challenges and experiences of parenthood. Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapies.


Certified by the DBT Institute of Michigan in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Perinatal Certified Mental Health Professional
Megan Drizin Therapist Counselor

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. -Rumi

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”- CS Lewis


I recognized after having a daughter of my own that there is an enormous gap in care as families embark on the journey of parenthood.  Moms are expected to go from several appointments per month – to being handed a newborn and told “good luck.”

For most, follow-up care comes in the form of a survey ranking their feelings of anxiety and depression for the first few appointments, but there is no formal support or action taken to investigate or offer further help.

Women, parents, and families deserve more. The experiences that go into the journey of parenthood are so much deeper and more complex than what is covered in a survey.

In our work together we will create a sacred place for you to explore all facets of the journey that you are embarking on; whether you are thinking about starting a family, including becoming pregnant, adopting, surrogacy, etc., have dealt with a difficult pregnancy or loss, are in the postpartum period or are an experienced parent. I will meet you where you are and walk alongside you to accomplish your goals and help you feel like yourself again. Every family’s journey to parenthood is unique, as should be your care.

I truly believe that my role as a counselor is to provide a safe and validating environment for you to explore your experiences and concerns, and to work with you to create an actionable path for healing. I specialize in treating anxiety and depression with a focus on Parenthood and Family Dynamics.

Pregnancy, birth, and the perinatal or postpartum period can bring changes that affect every aspect of a family’s life. The journey to and through parenthood is one that requires support and unbiased guidance to find harmony between who you are as an individual and who you are as a parent. I am dedicated to being the nonjudgemental and supportive role you need to empower you and your family on your journey through the growth and trials that permeate family life.

Families are ever-changing. As each member of our family grows and develops, experiences new things, travels to new places, and engages with the world around them –  dynamics shift.  Families ebb and flow as we grow and that can present new challenges.  In family therapy, our focus will highlight each member of the family and work to ensure everyone feels heard and validated while creating a cohesive family. Family therapy is also known as couples therapy, and I strive to help couples resolve conflict, be able to communicate and get their needs met by one another.

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Megan's Bio

Megan Drizin, LLPC is a counselor in Grand Rapids, MI that offers Telehealth therapy services to West Michigan Families.  Megan is a married mother of one who is dedicated to helping any individual, regardless of race, religion, background, or experience, overcome their struggles and create their ultimate life worth living.

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