Nicole Cass

Creative Solutions and Trauma-Informed Counseling for Couples, Adults, Children, and Teens

Nicole Cass, LLMSW


Master’s in Clinical Social Work, Michigan State University, Bachelors in Psychology, Michigan State University


School Social Work Certification, EMDR Trained Level II



Something I have always believed is that life is a journey. Oftentimes there will be bumps along the way and signs that may steer us in the negative direction. Despite this, I believe we can always get to where we need to be. I understand that this journey, we call life, can be difficult and overwhelming. If you choose to seek support along the way, I would be honored to provide you with the space, the tools, and the skills that will empower you to get to where you want to go.

I am experienced with helping children, adults, and families. I use a variety of approaches that begin with safety, as I provide opportunities for individuals to work on self-healing. My personal journey of healing has provided me with the ability to empathize with all people, and note that many of us don’t always feel welcomed and accepted by those around us. Throughout my career, I have been honored to have the opportunities to work with a wide range of folx. My biggest goal is to be a person all people can feel comfortable talking to knowing confidently they won’t feel judged. Every person has the power to be their best self. As a therapist, I’m here to support you in discovering who that person is or wants to become.

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Nicole's Bio

Nicole (she/her), has worked with a variety of folx using a diverse range of creative therapeutic approaches including art and music to support healing and processing. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Michigan State University. Before joining the Health for Life team, Nicole practiced as a certified school social worker where she supported students who qualified for special education.  Although Nicole loved working in the education system, she is absolutely thrilled to be working as a therapist in a group practice. Nicole is currently working on her goal of becoming a Certified Sex Therapist to add to her diverse repertoire of skills. 

Nicole specializes in topics and issues related to trauma, anxiety, depression, attachment, communication, self-esteem, LGBTQA+, and sexuality. In addition to these specialties, Nicole also has a wide range of experience working with individuals with attention deficit disorders and Autism Spectrum disorder.