Exploring the Artistic process with Bart Davenport through Music and Songwriting

Bart Davenport

[Episode 112 of The Intentional Clinician Podcast]

In this episode, songwriter and musician Bart Davenport has a detailed conversation about the creative process with Paul Krauss MA LPC. Throughout the episode, songs by Bart Davenport are played, anecdotes are told, insights are gained, and the lyrics and stories that emerge from the music are discussed. Existentialism abounds in this conversation between Bart Davenport and Paul Krauss for fans of psychology and philosophy. Whether you like music or not, you will like this episode.

Bart Davenport could be many different things depending on who you ask. He’s been a blues singer, a softrock troubadour, and a mod. He is a skilled singer-songwriter with the voice of a great crooner. He lives in Los Angeles and works as a musician. His work transports us to a fictitious past or present filled with lovely odes and intriguing people. It’s smooth, but oddly pointy. Despite being set in a fanciful world, Davenport’s novels typically address modern themes. Davenport just recorded twelve new songs in his own studio, harkening back to acoustic guitars and 1960s baroque pop tones. “Episodes,” his eighth studio album, is set to be published on Tapete Records.

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