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Get the Answers You Need: Laboratory Testing & Coaching for Optimal Gut Health

Health coaching programs offered at Health for Life Counseling Grand Rapids.

Food Sensitivity Testing & Health Coaching

Take the guesswork out of finding the diet that is best for your unique body, and eliminate nasty side effects of food sensitivities like fatigue, bloating, constipation, IBS, gas, brain fog or headaches, skin reactions, hay fever, inflamed joints, or unexplained mood issues.

Program includes laboratory testing, consultant-developed protocol and 3 high-impact coaching sessions (60 min. initial consult, followed by two 30-min follow-up sessions)

  • Lab results will be reviewed by Coach Sarah and our consultant to develop the gut-healing protocol that is right for you.
  • Receive resources and recipes to guide you to success in your allergy-free diet protocol, as well as consultant recommendations for supplements to heal your gut.
  • Coach Sarah will provide education, support and how-tos, shopping and label-reading tips, and coaching for thriving socially and emotionally with food sensitivities. (This is her area of expertise! See her story.)

Candida Testing & Candida Cleanse Coaching

What is Candida? Candida is a fungal form a yeast. Everyone has a small amount of Candida bacteria in the mouth and intestines, and it is needed to aid in digestion and nutrient absorption. But Candida can begin to overpopulate the gut and lead to dysbiosis when a person’s diet or lifestyle hasn’t supported a healthy gut microbiome (e.g., chronic elevated stress, high sugar or carbohydrate diet, excessive alcohol consumption, overuse of antibiotics).  In this state of dysbiosis, Candida begins to break down the intestinal lining, which leads to “leaky gut,” whereby toxins are recirculated into the bloodstream.

Symptoms of Candida overgrowth can include: intense sugar cravings, fungal infections of the skin or nails, chronic digestive problems, difficulty concentrating, general tiredness or chronic fatigue, recurring yeast infections, and mood instability.

Avoid the guesswork of endless hours of online reading and gimmicky cleanses, and get tested for Candida overgrowth today.  It may be the missing link to feeling like yourself again!

Candida Testing/Cleanse Program includes laboratory testing, consultant-developed protocol, and 3 high-impact coaching sessions (60 min. initial consult, followed by two 30-min follow-up sessions)

  • Review Candida lab results and consultant’s recommendations for dietary protocol, as well as evidence-based gut-healing supplement recommendations.
  • Receive handouts and recipes to guide you to success in your healing protocol.
  • Participate in two progress sessions to receive support and how-to’s for your cleanse, and to help you transition to an anti-Candida lifestyle that will help you avoid future gut dysbiosis.

Wellness Jumpstart (3 Months)

6 sessions, every 2 weeks (60 min. Health History consult, followed by five 60 min. coaching sessions [choose five topics listed below])

Jumpstart your health transformation with powerful education, reflection, and coaching around some of the most important areas of holistic wellbeing.  Begin upgrading your diet and lifestyle to promote lifelong wellness.

  • Inflammation 101 (Learn my top tips for implementing an anti-inflammatory diet)
  • Sugar Addiction 101 (Decode your sugar cravings and developing a plan to conquer them)
  • Label Reading 101 (Cut through the confusion and become a label reading pro, learning to avoid ingredients that sabotage your health)
  • Digestive Health 101 (Introductory how-to’s of optimal gut health, digestion and energy for you)
  • Mindfulness 101 (Learn to listen to one’s body, develop a health-promoting mindset, and intuitive eating)
  • Functional Fitness & Enjoying Bodily Movement (Explore enjoyable fitness and daily movement that works for your body and lifestyle)
  • Sleep Smart 101 (Review your sleep hygiene and learn science-backed strategies and hacks for the best night’s sleep)
  • Stress and the Modern World (Assess your main stress-points, learn how to avoid certain unconscious stressors, develop effective and routine self-care, set boundaries, and add more joy to your life)
  • A Detoxified Lifestyle 101 (Learn my top tips for detoxing your daily habits, products, and home to decrease your toxic-burden/exposure.)

Note: The Wellness Jumpstart program is structured with pre-determined topics that will be tailored to your learning needs, but it is not a personalized health coaching program to address your holistic health scenario and long term health transformation goals. Please see the THRIVE or HEALTH FOR LIFE coaching programs to address your personal health concerns and goals.

THRIVE Program (6 Month Personalized Transformation Program)

12 sessions, every 2 weeks (60 min. Health History initial consultation, followed by eleven 45-min coaching sessions over six months to make gradual and comprehensive improvements to your overall health and vitality that will empower independence in healthy living.)

  • Review your Health History and set incremental goals for your personalized Thrive Program
  • Work through the confusing and conflicting dietary information swarming the internet and mainstream society to find the dietary approach that is best for you, without unnecessary restriction
  • Break through limiting beliefs and develop a health mindset that works for you, instead of against you
  • Learn to listen to your body to find what could be causing common complaints like headaches, fatigue, bloating, constipation, gas, brain fog, or irritability
  • Decode and break addictions to carbohydrates, caffeine, or sugar, and begin creating a healthy microbiome to promote a healthy body and mind
  • Learn healthy and delicious ways to shop and cook that will also save you time and money.  Makeover your pantry and refrigerator with Sarah’s help.
  • If applicable, undergo food sensitivity testing (additional fee) to uncover what foods are making you inflamed, sick, or have “FLC Syndrome” (“Feel Like Crap” Syndrome, coined by Mark Hyman, MD)
  • Address other areas of life that may be bringing you stress or detracting from your body’s ability to heal or achieve optimal wellbeing, such as: relationship satisfaction, career satisfaction, self-care, sleep, technology use, exercise/physical energy and movement, spirituality, etc.

HEALTH FOR LIFE: Get Healthy, Stay Healthy
(9 Month Personalized Transformation & Maintenance Program)

  • 6 Month “Thrive” Coaching Program, PLUS these equipping bonuses:
  • Monthly e-mail check-ins and one additional 45 min. breakthrough coaching session per month for 3 additional months to maintain progress and compound your growth
  • Learn how to nourish your body long-term, throughout all four seasons, travel, family celebrations, etc. with the help of an experienced Health Coach (Receive helpful guides and shopping tips, recipes, and practice what you’ve learned!)
  • Receive free quarterly wellness gifts to support you on your health journey
  • Local grocery store tour- Receive a 1:1 guided shopping tour to learn how to become a smart shopper and read labels

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