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Are you looking for holistic healthcare and preventative wellness services in West Michigan?

If so, you probably understand that good health and well-being is more than just taking care of your physical health. The reason is that human beings are complex creatures, and looking after our emotional, mental, and physical health is equally essential when it comes to achieving well-being. That’s why a holistic approach tends to be in high demand in West Michigan.

Holistic healthcare means that practitioners are taking care of a whole individual — their mental, physical, and emotional states. Instead of resolving symptoms of specific diseases, holistic health care is focused on going beyond the surface, getting to the root cause of the symptoms, and providing integrative or preventative care to help people in all aspects of their lives.

In this article, we’ll discuss Integrative Wellness Grand Rapids and other organizations that offer preventative and holistic services in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

Holistic & Preventative Wellness Services Available in West Michigan

If you live in the West Michigan area and are looking for alternative healthcare solutions for your current health condition, there are multiple services available in Grand Rapids and nearby areas with integrative wellness centers. Professional clinicians at holistic healthcare companies such as Integrative Wellness Grand Rapids provide multiple holistic services.

Let’s explore the most effective holistic and integrative services offered by M.D. (Medical Doctors) and the Naturopathic practitioners they oversee in West Michigan.

Naturopathic Care

Naturopathic care is a holistic service that includes using natural remedies, such as herbs, nutritional counseling, exercises, and massage to help the body naturally heal itself. The system of naturopathic care comes from traditional Chinese medicine and is based on a combination of the wisdom of nature and modern empirical science.

Naturopathic care in Grand Rapids is provided by naturopathic doctors that have obtained their licenses from federally accredited medical schools–they are overseen by board certified Medical Doctors. They aim to treat clients as an integrated whole instead of focusing on their symptoms. Research has shown that naturopathic care is effective for helping with the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, depression, anxiety, and various other chronic conditions (Myers & Vigar, 2019).

Acupuncture & Cupping

Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that originated in China and has been used for over 3000 years. This technique involves inserting fine needles into specific points of the body to relieve pain or induce anesthesia. Nowadays, holistic clinicians in West Michigan tend to use acupuncture as well as cupping therapy. This type of therapy is based on a holistic approach and is conducted by using special cups on the skin for a few minutes to build suction.

Studies suggest that cupping therapy is effective for a wide range of conditions, including migraines and headaches, high blood pressure, chronic pain, inflammation, as well as mental health problems like stress, anxiety, and depression (e.g., Abdullah et al., 2019; Hong et al., 2020; Kim et al., 2018). The acupuncture technique stimulates the nervous system in order to trigger chemicals and hormones such as serotonin and dopamine.

General Wellness Consults

Even if you’re not sure about the specific type of holistic service you require, integrative wellness centers in West Michigan also offer consultation in general health and wellness. In order to clarify your goals and understand what’s best for your current health condition, you can just schedule a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation and talk to a holistic consultant experienced in holistic and integrative wellness approaches.

Nutritional & Lifestyle Coaching

Nutritional health is another integral part of general wellness. Nutrition and lifestyle coaching clinicians at West Michigan aim to help clients make lifestyle changes based on a holistic approach. Integrating holistic healthcare into your nutrition and lifestyle means changing your mindset and finding a balance to support your health.

Nutrition and wellness coaches at West Michigan offer personalized service for clients who want to focus on nutrition and live healthy lifestyles. They help people understand that food is fuel you should use for your body to support your overall physical, emotional, and mental health.

Homeopathic Consultation

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine based on the belief that your body can heal itself by using natural substances such as plants and minerals for support. This system originated in Germany in the 1700s, but it’s still common in many European countries.

Even though scientists and health practitioners in the United States still tend to be skeptical about homeopathic remedies, a 2017 meta-analysis published in Systematic Reviews found that people who received homeopathic treatment showed statistically significant effectiveness compared to the placebo group (Mathie et al., 2017).

Homeopathic consultation in West Michigan is provided by only two of the world’s highly trained homeopathic clinicians at Integrative Wellness Grand Rapids. Not only is this form of care effective, but it’s also safe and relatively inexpensive.

Supplement Education

Doctors and scientists suggest more and more natural supplements such as vitamins, probiotics, iron, magnesium, and more. Therefore, it’s getting harder to determine which of these supplements are suitable for your health and whether or not they can lead to any side effects.

Considering this, the M.D.s and naturopathic doctors in West Michigan offer supplement education services to help you choose safe supplements that can effectively differentiate among available supplements and naturally boost your health and wellness.

Functional Lab Testing

Functional laboratory testing is one of the most effective preventative measures you can take to understand your body’s current condition, evaluate how it’s working, and avoid developing diseases or disorders. Since M.D.s own Integrative Wellness Grand Rapids, they have access to a variety of highly specialized lab tests.

Generally, functional lab testing services at West Michigan include blood or urine tests, hormone testing, genetic testing, toxicity screening, and Comprehensive Stool Analysis to assess your gut health and detect if there are any pathogenic microorganisms in your gut. The purpose of these functional lab tests is to prevent diseases before they develop.

Botanical Education

Most of the alternative medicine options are based on using medicinal plants and natural ingredients. Botanical education is among those preventative wellness measures in West Michigan that aims to raise the clients’ awareness about medicinal plants, ingredients, and extracts for supporting health and treating diseases.

This practice is provided by naturopathic and M.D. doctors in Grand Rapids, MI that combine empirical research with alternative medicine in order to help people heal with natural remedies.

Additional Organizations that Provide Holistic Services in West Michigan

Even if you’re certain which type of holistic healthcare service is more suitable for you at the current moment, you might be looking for companies in West Michigan that have licensed integrative and holistic doctors.

Integrative Wellness Grand Rapids

Integrative Wellness Grand Rapids is a holistic wellness clinic in Grand Rapids that operates in an entire West Michigan region. This company offers the most integrative and preventive healthcare services such as acupuncture, general wellness consultations, naturopathic care, homeopathic consultation, nutritional coaching, and more.

Licensed M.D. doctors and naturopathic doctors  use a holistic approach in order to offer cost-effective natural remedies and preventive measures. They have more than 50 years of experience in naturopathic, holistic, and alternative forms of healthcare.

Holistic Health Collective

Holistic Health Collective of West Michigan is a consortium of holistic and integrative therapists, doctors, and natural healers who have developed an integrative healing center for holistic healthcare solutions. They offer a wide range of evidence-based therapies, including naturopathic medicine, functional medicine and testing, mindfulness-based practices, trauma-informed treatment, and more.

The Holistic Health Collective of West Michigan is the home base of Integrative Wellness Grand Rapids. In addition to traditional holistic healthcare services, they also offer a group room for yoga, group therapy, workshops, meetings, and other private events.

Health for Life Counseling

Health for Life Counseling is a counseling center in Grand Rapids, MI, and Ada, MI, that focuses on trauma-informed care and offers various therapies based on an integrative approach.

While they have multiple licensed therapists and counselors that bring their expert experience to the Grand Rapids community, they have two therapists stationed at the Holistic Health Collective, working to bring a more holistic philosophy to counseling in order to help individuals, couples, and families help in whatever they’re going through.

Furthermore, Health for Life Counseling also offers trauma-informed Group Counseling at the Holistic Health Collective to help people navigate and heal from their traumas and develop adaptive coping strategies.

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