Human Trafficking: A Story of Survival

Surviving Human Trafficking and What's Next w/ Joyce Haskett and Jeremy Norwood (Episode 19)

Surviving Human Trafficking and What’s Next w/ Joyce Haskett and Jeremy Norwood [Episode 19 of the Intentional Clinician Podcast]

In this episode, a survivor of Human Trafficking tells her story. Joyce Haskett tells of the low lows of the abuse she suffered while being trafficked as well as her miraculous escape and recovery from trauma later in life. Her story will undoubtedly change your perspective on the topic of Human Trafficking.

In the second half of this episode, Paul Krauss MA LPC interviews Dr. Jeremy Norwood about the enormous crime and horrific abuses of trafficking (both labor and sex trafficking).

Also discussed: cultural, legal and economic factors related to human trafficking. Dr. Norwood discusses the power of knowledge and helping those who have been victimized, as well as how to fight trafficking on a local level.

For mental health clinicians, Paul and Jeremy discussed the human side of trafficking including risk factors, trauma, and some of the reasons people are trafficked. Joyce Haskett, LMSW, ACSW, SAP is now a Private Practice Therapist in Royal Oak, MI. Joyce founded Daylily Health, learn more here: 

Joyce is an advocate for Women’s rights to receive an education while incarcerated, and an advocate for women who are being trafficked and those who have survived.

Learn about a documentary that discusses Joyce’s work: Dr. Jeremy Norwood Ph.D., J.D., is the Chair of the Department of Sociology, Global Studies, and Criminal Justice, as well as an Associate Professor. Dr. Norwood is heavily involved in a movement to stop trafficking throughout the State of Michigan and nationally.

He completed his consultantal dissertation on human trafficking indicators amongst migrant farmworker populations in Western Michigan and continues to train thousands of professionals about trafficking throughout the State of Michigan.

Every year, Dr. Norwood works with the students at Spring Arbor University to host a conference on Human Trafficking.

Learn more about Dr. Jeremy Norwood:

Learn more about what you can do to help stop trafficking in your community:

The Polaris Project

National Human Trafficking Hotline

Department of Justice on Human Trafficking

Special thanks to the Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association for hosting a 6-hour training for clinicians, which is highly informative and useful. Thank you specifically to James Blundo MA LPC and Napoleon Harrington, MA LPC.

“We are Happy that it is an outreach for people to become aware of the inherent issues in human trafficking. And empowering people through knowledge, the experience, and training. “ – Napoleon Harrington MA LPC NCC

“The state of Michigan is requiring that as of 2019, all health professionals are required to attend an educational course about human trafficking. This was done to increase awareness among health professionals who may have victims of human trafficking in their offices.”-

James Blundo MA LPC

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