Hypnosis with a Soul w/ Andrew Henry LPC

[Episode 62 of the Intentional Clinician]

Paul Krauss MA LPC interviews Andrew Henry MA LPC about Andrew’s new book, Hypnosis with a Soul. Andrew has been a guest on the podcast before, but this time he discusses his most recent work. This book is for both clinicians and the general public, so this podcast is one that everyone will enjoy.

Andrew Henry is a licensed professional counselor in private practice located in Mesa, Arizona. Andrew graduated with a Masters degree in professional counseling plus the certificate in advanced graduate studies in 2004 from Ottawa University in Phoenix, Arizona. Currently, he is an EMDRIA certified clinician and has 16 years of experience in the field of counseling. In addition to being an author, Andrew taught Masters level counseling as an adjunct professor at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. He continues to work in private practice utilizing Jungian methods, Hypnosis, EMDR, elements of DBT, energy psychology, mindfulness, and CBT. He also volunteers his time in Kathmandu, Nepal providing therapeutic treatment.

On the podcast, Andrew describes how he developed a method of combining hypnosis with deep soul work which helped his clients find breakthroughs in a meaningful, lasting way. By combining his clinical skills with his experience doing meditation and hypnosis, Andrew was able to use an eclectic yet valid approach to help his clients. Many people have an idea of what hypnosis is, but Andrew dispels some myths related to hypnosis and trance states. He describes his work as getting clients to a relaxed state so that they can access unconscious parts of their mind that they normally cannot. This allows them to work on deeper issues behind the problems they face, including somatic concerns.

Andrew has also been inspired by the works of Michael Yapko, C.G. Jung, and Milton Erickson. Some of these philosophies involve archetypal and metaphysical ideas; however, Paul and Andrew note that clients of any religion or lack thereof can benefit from mindfulness and hypnosis. While Andrew is licensed to practice psychotherapy in Arizona, anyone from across the world is able to participate in his mindfulness training. These exercises have a variety of benefits including improving the quality of gray matter in the brain, calming the nervous system,  and alleviating somatic concerns.

Learn more about Andrew Henry here:  www.CounselingbyAndrew.com 

Get Andrew Henry’s 2nd book: Hypnosis with a Soul Here (Apple Books)

Get Andrew Henry’s Book: The Gift, an Unconscious Intuitive Mind! Here (Apple Books)

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