Auto Insurance Claims Health Insurance for Counseling

If you have been in a car accident in the state of Michigan or carry a no-fault Michigan car insurance policy, you may be eligible for free counseling services. If you are experiencing any anxiety while driving, not able to drive because of PTSD symptoms or emotional upset, get jittery while driving, have panic attacks while driving, are still suffering from nightmares about the car accident–you may qualify for free counseling services at Health for Life Grand Rapids.

To qualify, you must talk to your auto insurance company’s claim department, about the healthcare services you may be eligible for post-crash.

*If you have an auto accident, no-fault insurance pays for your medical expenses, wage loss benefits, replacement services, and the damage you do to other people’s property. It does not matter who caused the accident.*

Good news! All therapists at Health for Life Grand Rapids and the Trauma-Informed Counseling Center of Grand Rapids are able to work with qualifying No Fault Auto Insurance healthcare claims. Note: We take ANY No Fault Auto Insurance Claim, as long as it has been determined by the insurance company that you qualify. If you qualify, your counseling will be completely free of charge.

As the Trauma Informed Counseling Center of Grand Rapids, MI, our counselors have extensive knowledge of the trauma and emotional disturbances that can occur after a car accident. Our therapists have advanced training utilizing the latest empirically-backed counseling methods to help you feel like yourself again–and get back on the road. You can learn more about the types of therapy we offer, such as EMDR therapy here.

Using No Fault Auto Insurance claims with our Grand Rapids counselors is easy. Simply contact your No Fault Auto Insurance case manager and get your “Claim Number.” Then ask them if psychotherapy is covered as part of your post accident healthcare (it should be!). Then contact our office at 616-200-4433 and we will help you set the claims, so that you won’t owe anything for your services. Next, Health for Life Grand Rapids will match you with a counselor that has advanced training in “Trauma Therapy” (which is the type of therapy that has been proven most effective for traumatic events (such as car accidents). Next you just get set up for appointments and start the counseling process.

Please note that No Fault Auto Insurance Claims is not affiliated with your private or public healthcare plan. The therapy services offered by our office must be targeted on helping you feel better post car-accident. Our counseling services will target all of the symptoms and bad feelings related to the car accident or driving, until you feel better. If you choose to remain in counseling services or therapy, after your symptoms (from the car accident) have been reduced or gone away completely–you may opt to use your private or public health insurance for other therapy goals. If your No Fault Auto Insurance health case manager representative has questions, please have them reference your therapist’s name (or their Supervisor’s Name), and let them know that the official group name is “Intentional Counseling Grand Rapids LLC.”

We look forward to serving you by providing excellent therapy services at this time, while accommodating your Auto Insurance Claim.

You can read more about No Fault Insurance claims from the State of Michigan’s website here. (

You may contact your Auto Insurance Company to find out if you quality for psychotherapy to help you feel better post-accident and to help get you driving again, without anxiety, panic attacks, and other worries.

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