CHAMPVA Health Insurance for Counseling

Good news! The therapists at Health for Life Grand Rapids and the Trauma-Informed Counseling Center of Grand Rapids are in-network with CHAMPVA insurance.

Using CHAMPVA insurance with our Grand Rapids counselors is easy. Simply bring in your CHAMPVA insurance card and complete the “new client” insurance form with your therapist. Once you do that, your counselor will make sure to use our secure service to submit your sessions to CHAMPVA insurance. 

Since CHAMPA insurance is issued from the United States Government and is specialized for Veterans and their families, it is advised that you contact your CHAMPVA insurance and ask them what they cover in terms of “Outpatient Counseling.” Using CHAMPVA insurance for therapy sessions should be completely free.

In some cases, CHAMPVA insurance is also known as TriCare Insurance in West Michigan. Be sure to call your CHAMPVA insurance representative to ask questions about using your insurance for counseling. If your CHAMPVA insurance representative has questions, please have them reference your therapist’s name, or your therapist’s supervisor’s name, or let them know that the official group name is “Intentional Counseling Grand Rapids LLC.” 

We look forward to serving you by providing excellent therapy services at this time, while accommodating your insurance plan. 

Counselors Who Accept CHAMPVA

Paul Krauss

Counseling, EMDR Therapy, & Solutions


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