An interview with Kelley Stoltz

Playing All the Parts with Kelley Stoltz [Episode 17 of the Intentional Clinician Podcast]

Music speaks to the soul and is heavily involved in our personal and collective psychology. Paul Krauss interviews singer-songwriter Kelley Stoltz. Kelley Stoltz is a prolific artist hailing from San Francisco who is deeply involved in the craft of writing songs and helping others with theirs. The reference to “Playing all the Parts” is because Kelley actually plays ALL of the instruments on his songs. Kelley has a natural musical gift that he has refined through discipline and practice, learning to play piano, drums, bass, and synthesizers in addition to his first instrument, the guitar. Kelley has a unique and ever-evolving song craft that can be heard as varies the theme of his sound from record to record. Kelley has written a large body of varying styles of rock and folk songs as well as sincere and existentially significant songs. Kelley has developed an alter-ego in Willie Weird and released two albums of songs, best described as a genre of dark-comedy.

In this podcast interview, Kelley discusses both current events as well as his story that led him into a career in music. This interview is a story of finding one’s calling and then making a way to do it for a lifetime. Psychological concepts discussed that made it into the episode are risk, discipline, calling, dedication, craftsmanship, traveling, community, friendship, and more.

Kelley is an interesting character. In his spare time, Kelley has been known to cook his own food, build his own electric guitars, support other musical artists, uses his natural sense of humor, play drums for Sonny and the Sunsets, record local San Francisco bands, and tour as the rhythm guitarist of Echo & the Bunnymen. And this is only PART of the story–so listen to the entire interview! Also discussed: Detroit (where Kelley is originally from), New York, Jeff Buckley, and Touring Europe.

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Kelley Stoltz Que AuraOriginal music by Kelley Stoltz, used with permission:

(In this order)

“When You Forget” from Circular Sounds (2008, Sub Pop)

“Redirected” from 4 New Cuts EP (2015, Stroll On Records)

“Pinecone” from To Dreamers (2010, Sub Pop)

“Same Pattern” from Que Aura LP (2017, Castle Face Records)

“Cross your Mind” from Cross Your Mind/The Anarchist In Me (2013. Stroll On Records)

“Empty Kicks” from Que Aura LP (2017, Castle Face Records)

“Crossed Mind Blues” from In Triangle Time LP (2015, Castle Face Records)

“Put that in your Pipe” from 4 New Cuts EP (2015, Stroll On Records)

“Morning Sun” from Circular Sounds (2008, Sub Pop)

“Love Let Me In Again” from To Dreamers (2010, Sub Pop)

“Double Exposure” from Double Exposure (2013, Third Man Records)

“Put My Troubles to Sleep” from Circular Sounds (2008, Sub Pop)

“Are you Electric?” from Antique Glow (2001)

“Gardenia” from Circular Sounds (2008, Sub Pop)

“Fictional Girl” from In Triangle Time LP (2015, Castle Face Records)

“The Anarchist in Me” from Cross Your Mind/The Anarchist In Me (2013. Stroll On Records)

“Please Visit Soon” from Antique Glow (2001)

“Perpetual Night” from Antique Glow (2001)

“Your Reverie” from Circular Sounds (2008, Sub Pop)

“Cut me Baby” from In Triangle Time LP (2015, Castle Face Records)

“Hot Igloo” from The Scuzzy Inputs of Willie Weird LP under the pseudonym “Willie Weird” (2015, Stroll On Records)

“Garbage” from The Scuzzy Inputs of Willie Weird LP under the pseudonym “Willie Weird” (2015, Stroll On Records)

“Confidence” from STRAT – Live At the Whammy Bar LP (2017, Puzzle Records)

“The Mailman” from STRAT – Live At the Whammy Bar LP (2017, Puzzle Records)

“Heart Full of Rain” from In Triangle Time LP (2015, Castle Face Records)

“Down by the Sea” from Double Exposure (2013, Third Man Records)

“Jona” from In Triangle Time LP (2015, Castle Face Records)

“Ventriloquist” from To Dreamers (2010, Sub Pop)

“Kim Chee Taco Man” from Double Exposure (2013, Third Man Records)

“I Don’t Get That” from To Dreamers (2010, Sub Pop)

“Possessor” from Que Aura LP (2017, Castle Face Records)

“Walking Against the Green Light” from Que Aura LP (2017, Castle Face Records)

“Prank Calls” from Below The Branches (2006, Sub Pop)

“The Sun Comes Through” from Below The Branches (2006, Sub Pop)

“Too Young to Burn” from Tomorrow is Alright (LP Soft Abuse / Secret Seven 2009; CD Fat Possum 2010) (by Sonny and the Sunsets, used without permission (sorry)) Kelley plays drums on this track.

“Memory Collector” from Below The Branches (2006, Sub Pop)

Music available here:

Get to your local record store (and request Kelley Stoltz!) and you can find him on all digital sources.

Kelley Stoltz appears courtesy of himself, Sub Pop Records, Third Man Records, CastleFace Records, Stroll On Records, Banana and Louie Records, and Jackpine Social Club (among others).

Also referenced: Sonny & the Sunsets:

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