An Interview With Kent Dobson

An Interview With Kent Dobson

An Interview With Kent Dobson

[Episode 26 of The Intentional Clinician Podcast]

In this episode, Paul Krauss MA LPC interviews Kent Dobson regarding practical applications, philosophy, and practices for self-reflection and exploration. They also discussed his own personal transformation and story. Paul and Kent also discuss Kent’s current work, that entails leading people through nature-based practices, guiding people on journeys (both through nature-based practices and on actual historical tours), teaching at C3, and they discuss his podcast “Hints and Guesses”.

Paul and Kent discuss Kent’s personal transformation, nature-based practices, his philosophy, and his self-discovery. They talk about the use of nature-based practices as experiential tools to personal transformation, self-discovery, cultural change, and more.

Also Discussed:
Quitting a job, disorientation, waking up, losing direction, losing a parent, writing, the process of descent, the call of the soul, psychotherapy, the second half of life, narratives, invitations, initiations, rites of passage, Richard Rohr, Carl Jung, James Hollis, James Hillman, Bill Plotkin, Mary Oliver, Western Culture, confusion, young adults, maturation, depth psychology, storytelling, counseling, indoctrination, materialism, avoiding depth, thought control, permission, transformation, break through, break down, integration, self-reflection, religion, orthodox beliefs, afterlife, faith, action, the unknown, a mystery onto oneself, the psyche, consumer culture, fantasy, fundamentalism, paradox, complexities, black-and-white values, labels, deep listening, growth, safety, habits, fear, public statements, identity politics, identity spirituality, group identity, tribalism, individuality, perception, shaping thoughts, news, media, face-to-face conversation, speaking and listening through filters, rules for trust, drawing lines based on following, post-truth, postmodernism, modern journalism or advertising, fear influences group identity, ego break-down, the shadow, authenticity, internet culture, scapegoating, projection, embracing the opposites, thin-level culture, end of different eras in religion, the great stories, anxiety, leaving the village, the call of individuation, Abraham (the three tiers of beginning a journey), a journey, fairy tales, Marie Louise von Franz, Joseph Campbell, symbol, metaphor, belief versus action, framing, historicity, Christ, waking up, suffering, archetypes, the hero’s journey, St. Francis, trauma, to live in service, Women who run with the wolves, life-death-life-cycle of all things, myths, Disney, being “ok” with “unknowing”, longing, grief, what does the soul want? Nature-Based Practices, Nature-Based Experiences, utilizing the natural world as a mirror, dreams, the unconscious, learning from natural observation, encountering our motivations, how to do we change, existentialism, Matthew Fox, a larger cosmology, Thomas Berry, a relationship with the Earth, Nature-based practices, transcendence, handing over control, becoming a process guide, experiential therapy, risk-taking, silent retreats, vision fast, lack of control, identity, challenging our preconceptions, practical ways to de-stress, disorientation to mental patterns, emotional recognition, contemplation, a relationship with your gold and your darkness, “knowing” something in the ego-sense versus “deep knowing” from experience, information overload, application, inner-work, Rilke, Sigur Ros, Suffering with meaning, helping others, Buddhism, commonalities, mortality, death, the first half of life and the second half of life, What is the most meaningful things, courage, choosing a path with meaning, the soul, challenges, numinous, clues, asking questions, poetry, conversations.

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