Men in Therapy: What does it mean?

men in therapy

Men in Therapy: What does it mean?

by John Curphey, MDiv MA LMFT

There has been a major shift for men in our culture. In a previous generation, it was considered wise to “cut off” from your emotional self. In fact, for some, it was seen as a strength to be “stoic” and seeing men in therapy was not viewed as common. That style is no longer very effective for men, as they seek to navigate the many connections and roles in their lives. Years ago, it wasn’t common to find men in therapy, at least that they self-selected. Today men are seeking greater self-awareness. A piece of that has to do with emotional attunement. Some men are shedding the stigma and deciding to do their “inner work” through therapy. Yet, what does it mean for men to be in therapy?

With emotional awareness there are multiple advantages for men. Men can navigate their relationships in the family with greater wisdom and acuity; men can understand their internal response to external demands; men can find balance within themselves and strength for multiple challenges.

I am interested in helping men on multiple levels. Self-awareness and self-appreciation are foundational elements for healing. I find that many men and women have difficulty accessing the positive resources within themselves. They also have difficulty accessing spiritual and physical resources. I have a holistic approach. As a pastor ( recently retired ) I help clients find spiritual direction. As an emotionally attuned therapist, I support clients through emotional confusion and distress. As a somatic experiencing therapist, I support clients through the trauma events of their lives.

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