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[Episode 59 of the Intentional Clinician Podcast]

Paul Krauss MA LPC interviews Clint Adams about his experiences in the behavioral health world, including his experiences as a police officer, therapist, keynote speaker, author, human resource officer, and a behavioral health program creator. Clint is an author, executive coach and suicide prevention advocate, and his expertise coincides well with the behavioral health field.

Clint has spent the last decade of his career dispelling myths about psychology and supporting the integration of psychological principles to better society. Rather than keeping psychology research in the lab, Clint uses it to inform education settings. Individual counseling has many benefits, but it is also important to share those benefits with society at large. Clint discusses his role in this type of work and how it is important to start at the beginning stages of life in school settings. By teaching children about emotional health from a young age, they are more likely to be resilient and problem-solve with their peers rather than bully.

Clint also discusses suicide prevention and his book about real-life scenarios that he has encountered. Suicide and other issues school-aged children face are multifaceted, and his book explores some of the ways that suicide impacts a community. He also discusses how he prevents suicide and how parents can be involved in their children’s lives while also learning to be aware of their own emotions. Overall, the best mental healthcare we can offer includes entire families and change within the communities where they are living and learning.

Also discussed: Focusing, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Neuroscience, Mental Health Education, Empowering People through Education, Psychotherapy, Bringing Mental Health Education into the Workplace and the School System, Hope for Changing your Life or Situation, Why people have Difficulties saying “No”, Feeling Stuck, Amygdala responses, Violence in Society, Anger as the Symptom, De-escalation, Learning about “High Alert” Issues, Domestic Violence, Reality Checks, Difficult Behavior in the News, Post-traumatic Growth, Trauma Therapy,  Utilitarian Solutions, Practical Solutions, and more.

Clint Adams’ book is called “Lighting the Blue Flame.” Clint is an Author and Suicide Prevention advocate based in Victoria, Australia who designs resilience, leadership and mental health programs to implement in the workplace and in schools.

You can contact Clint on Linkedin or at this website here.

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