Health for Life GR Celebrates One Year Anniversary

health for life grand rapids one year birthday

June 2018 represents one year of Health for Life being a part of the Grand Rapids and greater West Michigan community. We are thrilled to have a dedicated team of seven clinicians to serve you. These includes trauma-informed and highly specialized counselors (psychotherapists). Our goal is to bring you the highest quality counseling and medical services in West Michigan. We are invested in you meeting your goals and getting back into the world and out of the office to live your life without the constraints of burdening symptoms. While symptom management is important, our passion is to address the root cause so that with time, you no longer need care and can live a more fulfilling life. Since we are highly trained and well-read, we will adjust our treatment approach to your unique situation, personality, and needs.

Since opening our doors to the Grand Rapids community in June 2018:

  • We have hosted multiple events free to the public at our office space,
  • Became a member of Local First
  • Collaborated with Women’s Lifestyle Magazine on several health articles
  • Teamed up with Harvest Health Food Stores to offer free educational talks
  • Supported the Be Nice organization’s on several events
  • Worked with Crowns for Courage to raise funds for charity
  • Collaborated with Gold Coast Doulas on a postpartum depression awareness event and a diaper drive
  • We’re a part of the Inspired Life Conference 2018

In one year, the Heath for Life team has published over 65 helpful blogs on our website on a variety of health topics, which are all free to the public and sharable.

Paul Krauss Ma Lpc: Providing Psychotherapy, Consulting &Amp; Counseling ServicesPaul Krauss MA LPC‘s free downloadable podcast The Intentional Clinician surpassed 3330 downloads as of June 18, 2018.

Paul presented his counselor training program “The Intentional Clinician” in Phoenix AZ for multiple behavioral health clinics and continued to train clinicians in ACRA techniques.

Paul Krauss unveiled his humanitarian project: The National Violence Prevention Hotline.

In addition, Paul has also invested in training and supervising clinicians in West Michigan and hosts a monthly supervision group for counselors. Paul is a voice for increasing clinical trauma-informed treatment that follows the latest science and research (neurobiology and more) when it comes to brain health, recovery, and the causes of clinical symptoms

Jennifer Belmonte At Health For Life Counseling Grand Rapids
Jen Belmonte, LMSW has continued to help people, couples, and families find peace and reconciliation.






Img 1135John Curphey, LMFT (a recent Chicago transplant) is one of the only clinicians in Michigan offering Somatic Experience Therapy to treat PTSD, Complex Trauma, and other traumatic experiences.

Thank you Grand Rapids for supporting us.
-The Health for Life Team.

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