Paul Krauss MA LPC is a featured guest on Shrink Rap Radio #652

Paul Krauss Therapist Counselor

Paul Krauss, MA  LPC was interviewed by Shrink Rap Radio host, Dr. David Van Nuys. Paul has been a long-time listener of the Shrink Rap Radio and credits the podcast for helping him find his creativity in the way he practices. In this episode, Dr. Dave interviews Paul about his new practice, The Trauma-Informed Counseling Center of Grand Rapids.

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Paul began his studies at Michigan State University as an education major. During his time there, he often found himself listening to children’s stories about troubles with home life and wishing he could do more. He realized he did not want to pursue a career in education anymore and decided to take a year off from school. After spending some time traveling, Paul began thinking about counseling as a career path. He decided to move to Chicago and began his career in counseling at the Chicago School of Psychology.

Once he graduated, Paul started clinical work and noticed that trauma was affecting many of his clients. He decided to research treatments for trauma and found Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Since then, he has devoted his life and practice to using trauma-informed practices to heal.

When he moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, Paul noticed a lack of trauma-informed care. This prompted him to open Health for Life Counseling Grand Rapids, the only Trauma-Informed Counseling Center in the city. All clinicians who work at Health for Life are trained in trauma-informed such as EMDR.

Since founding Health for Life, Paul has kept busy maintaining his practice while working on other projects such as the National Violence Prevention Hotline. This hotline would be available for individuals who are considering committing violent acts against themselves or others.

Starting Health for Life Counseling Grand Rapids was definitely a risk for Paul and his wife, but in the last few years, they have seen the payoff not only in their business but also in their clients. The community is intrigued by the work that Paul and his team are doing at Health for Life, and Paul hopes his practice will grow in the years to come.

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