What is Personal Transformation through Counseling?

Paul Krauss Therapist Counselor

The Intentional Clinician, Episode #1.

What is Personal Transformation through Counseling?

Join a Licensed Professional Counselor as he aims to demystify the topics of counseling and psychology from a down-to-earth perspective. At the same time, Paul Krauss will be discussing practical strategies for applying concepts from counseling and psychology to our lives. The Intentional Clinician podcast dives deep into discussing mental health and philosophy as a fundamental part of living a full and vibrant life. This podcast will feature stories, interviews, practical lessons, clinical research, and more. Paul Krauss MA LPC practices Psychotherapy in Grand Rapids, MI at an integrative clinic called Health for Life. www.healthforlifegr.com. Paul Krauss’ specialties include: Overcoming Trauma & PTSD, Counseling for Leaders and High Achievers, Neurological Disorders and Chronic Illness, Quarter-life/ Mid-life Crisis Turn Around, Finding a Sense of Purpose, Helping the Parents Of Young Adults, Mindfulness, and What should I do with my life? Paul will work with anyone he believes he can help with his advanced clinical training and over 10 years of counseling experience. Paul is also a Clinical Supervisor and trainer for new counselors who are working on gaining their full license, and for anyone seeking continuing education units. Learn more at www.paulkrausscounseling.com and www.counselingsupervisorgr.com.


Books Quoted: Inner Work by Bryon Sabatino, and Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore.

Various other quotes by famous people.

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Demystifying psychology through quirky, provocative, and informative dialogues and monologues! Plus practical approaches on living a full and vibrant life.

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