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Couples Counseling usually involves two people involved in a romantic relationship or partnership and is a type of therapy conducted by a licensed professional counselor (or Psychotherapist). In couples and relationship counseling in Grand Rapids, the goal is often to resolve conflict, gain insight, improve satisfaction, and even negotiate difficult issues such as financial problems, grief/loss, sex, parenting, and more. Therapists use a variety of techniques and interventions to help couples overcome conflicts and strengthen their relationship as a whole, or to work on amicable communication and negotiation.

Couples Counseling may include, but is not limited to these elements:

  1. Focusing the therapy on a specific conflict (e.g. jealousy, infidelity, sexual issues, addiction, parenting, etc.).
  2. Working on a holistic way of improving the relationship as a whole.
  3. Focusing on realistic and quick solutions to help the couple out of a crisis.
  4. Working on clear and fair objectives agreed upon by both members of the couple.
  5. Education and Practice on new ways of communicating and relating
  6. Increasing intimacy between two people (e.g. Communication, Friendship, Sexual, etc.)
  7. Establishing a clear path for the couple to repair intimacy and restore closeness.
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How couple's counseling can help

Couples and relationship counseling in Grand Rapids can help any and all types of intimate relationships regardless of relationship status or sexual orientation. Couples therapists work to on the goals set by the members of the couple and have great skills in strengthening relationships and help people to better understand one another. In addition, some people prefer to engage in premarital counseling that works with couples before marriage to work out differences and to have a stronger bond before becoming married.

Couples Counseling is useful for any couples experiencing communication issues, differences regarding children and blended family situations, as well as situations that involve anger, arguments, substance abuse and infidelity.

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