Solving ADHD: Actually treating the cause, improvements, and differential diagnoses with Dr. Connie McReynolds PhD

Solving ADHD with Dr. Connie McReynolds

[Episode 136 of The Intentional Clinician Podcast]

Dr. Connie McReynolds, PhD, has created quite a stir in the realms of psychology, psychiatry, and counseling because she approaches the ADHD and ADD diagnosis very differently than most practitioners. Rather of discussing the intricacies of “does someone HAVE ADHD or not”, Dr. Connie has researched and used advanced Neurofeedback Assessments that differentiate numerous various issues that could be contributing to the largest gestalt (or diagnosis of ADHD): There are numerous levels of auditory processing abnormalities, visual processing disorders, general learning disorders, differential medical diagnoses, environmental factors, and overlapping clinical psychology diagnoses. If this sounds exciting, this is an episode you should listen to, and she has written a book that I recommend reading.

Dr. Connie McReynolds, PhD and her team have bravely moved on in exploring the subtleties of all types of people labeled “ADHD/ADD.” Going deeper, with their neuropsychological evaluations and advanced patented and focused neurofeedback therapies, they identified that there are a slew of disorders that contribute to what your average doctor may diagnose as ADHD (citing DSM or ICD codes). Not only have they determined the etiology of the symptoms that contribute to the clinical picture / diagnosis, but they have also worked on treating these symptoms WITHOUT or with minimal medications, as well as with minimal therapy (unless required by a crossover of other behavioral, environmental, or psychological factors). Dr. Connie McReynolds’ team has achieved tremendous outcomes with only 20 thirty-minute targeted neurofeedback participants who present with a variety of ADHD-related symptoms. The 6 and 12 month follow-up exams and subjective reports are equally outstanding! However, the notion that you may actually diminish ADHD symptoms in the long run without substantial drugs and behavioral therapy contradicts the consensus of most practitioners in the United States. As a result, it has not yet gained widespread popularity. It also doesn’t cost much money, and the treatment isn’t life-long, so it hasn’t yet caught on with the traditional profiteers.

The best news is that the data speaks for itself. From multiple published articles to the examples in Dr. Connie McReynold’s book, there is hope for those that suffer from ADHD, auditory processing issues, visual processing disorders, and related issues. A guest on CBS, NBC, and NPR, I recommend checking out her website for a free assessment.

Dr. Connie McReynolds Dr. Connie McReynolds, a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, has over 30 years of expertise in rehabilitation counseling and psychology. She founded neurofeedback clinics in southern California, where she works with children and adults to lessen or eradicate disorders such as ADHD, anxiety, rage, depression, chronic pain, learning disabilities, and trauma.

A seasoned and inspiring speaker, and author of the award winning and Amazon  #1 best-selling book in eight categories, Solving the ADHD Riddle, Dr. Connie’s whole-hearted mission is to bring hope and resolution to those who are struggling with the symptoms of ADHD, their parents, and teachers.

She earned her Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison gaining valuable experiences in the Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program at the Middleton VA Hospital, at the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Neuropsychological Clinic at Meriter Hospital, and the Mendota Mental Health Institute.

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