Summer 2023 Dancing Mindfulness Group Grand Rapids

Mindfulness Group

Jamie Marich’s Dancing Mindfulness has been defined as “moving meditation.” For hundreds of years, humans have understood that the universal language of dancing has numerous therapeutic effects and may be a powerful mode of self-expression.

We are frequently faced with the challenge of communicating our trauma through language, which can be challenging because we do not always have the means to articulate our pain; however, dancing awareness allows us to communicate our trauma narrative without words.

Dance and mindfulness practices work together to develop a new approach to heal from trauma that integrates our physical selves and expressive movement.

We can disconnect from our bodies after trauma; dance mindfulness enables for reconnection and reintegration with the physical self.

This six-week class will provide an opportunity for some amount of trauma recovery through dance mindfulness. Note that recovery from trauma can take different amounts of time for different people. A Group on its own is not sufficient for trauma recovery. Please seek trauma-informed therapy and other medical interventions if you are seeking a full recovery.

Check out The Intentional Clinician Podcast’s episode on Dancing Mindfulness for more detail.

Each session will begin with teaching or information about the day’s topic (mindfulness, trauma and the body, etc.), followed by freestyle dance matched with a theme and music. Each session will then conclude with a relaxing technique. There is no dance experience required, and participants of all skill levels are welcome!

In partnership with Move with GR Erin Craig LLMSW, Sarah Denick LMSW will be co-facilitating this group.

It will be held at the Holistic Health Collective location of Health for Life Counseling in Grand Rapids, MI.

The group will begin on Wednesday, July 12, 2023, and will be held from 6 pm-7:30 pm EST. It will be held for six Wednesdays through August 23 with one “break week.”

The group is self-pay and it is $30 per session. However, if you pay for the entire 6 sessions up front, the cost comes down to $30 per session.

Registration is required ahead of time. If you would like to join, please email [email protected]

If you are looking for regular therapy without movement, check out our therapists here.

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